[Solved] What Size Led Strip for 65 Inch Tv?

The colorful lighting enhances the room and makes the environment appear brighter. A TV light strip that syncs on/off with most TVs is perfect for TV or gaming rooms. By storing your previous settings, you can set the lighting only when the TV Backlight is on. These led strip lights are USB-powered and long enough to cover the four sides of a 60-65 inch television. It will take 14-16 feet of LED strip lights to cover a 65″ TV on all four sides. 

What Size Led Strip for 65 Inch Tv

What Is The Recommended LED Strip Size for a 65-inch TV?

Ensure you measure your TV set before shopping for LED strip lights for the right length. You can choose 6.5ft USB TV LED strip lights above if you want strip lights for your 65-inch TV. 

Also, this product has four equal-length strip lights so that you can position each strip according to the size of your TV. You can cut off the excess portion if you purchase a continuous strip.

LED strip lights will cover a 65″ TV on all four sides. This piece is approximately 59 inches wide, 59 inches long, and 38 inches high. It would take 194 inches to cover all four sides with strip lights on the back. 

When we divide that by 12 to get the dimensions in feet, it comes out to about 16 feet. You won’t place the strip lighting behind the TV on the outermost edges. As a result, we get 14.5 feet when subtracting a couple of inches from all four sides.

What Is The Best Way to Install LED Strip Lights for TVs?

When you watch TV without lights at night, your eyes get tired more quickly from staring at a bright screen in the dark. The sharp contrast between the screen and the darkness can cause eye strain, so install LED strip lights behind the TV to increase the room’s brightness. This

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Put LED Strip Behind the TV?

It is possible to install LED strip lights behind the TV to increase the general brightness of the room. However, the sharp contrast between the TV screen and the dark room can cause eye strain.

Which Is Better, a 12v or 24v LED Strip?

Voltage drop is less with 24v strips than with 12v strips. 12v strips are usually limited to 5m (powered from one end), whereas 24v strips can run 7m (powered from one end). For longer runs, 24v is the best option.

How Do I Choose The Best LED Strip?

When purchasing LED strip lights, it is essential to consider the number of LEDs per length. Strip lights with the most LEDs per foot (meter, yard, ETC.) produce brighter and better light quality.


The 16.4ft USB LED strip lights are perfect for lighting your TV background. You can create different effects by adjusting the brightness and using different colors, and it fits both 35-inch and 65-inch TVs. With the proper background lighting for your TV, you can watch movies in a completely immersive environment!

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