Can You Turn Off Light up Shoes? Yes, You Can!

Light-up shoes are well-liked among kids, teenagers, and adults. You can see them while having a stroll in the evening or at night and at parties. These shoes not only emit light on your walking path but also give an aesthetic feeling. Especially kids are in love with these shoes because they make them look and feel fabulous, this applies to teens too.

This doesn’t mean you can’t wear LED shoes if you’re not a kid or teen. Anyone can wear them indifference of age. The shoes look marvelous on feet in the evenings and at night. But kids might want to wear them any time of the day. In such a case the lights of the shoe can disturb in the daytime.

Can You Turn Off Light-up Shoes

Turning Off The Light-up Shoes

If you want to wear the shoes in the daytime or your kids want to wear them to school, you can do so. All you have to do is turn off the lights. The shoes will look good even when the lights are off. The switch of turning on and off the lights of the Skechers shoes are placed in different spots in different brands. Some brands also have only one switch for changing the color of lights and turning on and off them.

Therefore to turn off the lights you have to find the switch and know about its function system. You can know them from the manuscript or the brand’s website on the internet. On maximum shoes, the switch is in the tongue of the shoe. This switch is easily visible so you can turn it on and off the lights like nothing.

However, if the switch isn’t at the tongue of the shoe then you can look for it at the heel of the shoe. It would be outside of the shoe at the sole. This switch is also easily accessible. You can’t see it while wearing the shoe still can reach it with ease.

However, don’t get worried if you can’t find the switch till now. Now you have to look around the charging port for the switch. Hope you have found it. Again, the shoe can have various light options. In this case, you may need to click the switch a few times to turn off the lights. As every click can change the color of the lighting.

Charging & Cleaning Light-up Shoes

For getting the best performance of the lighting shoes you have to charge them regularly. It takes 2-3 hours to charge the lights fully and after a full charge, it can run up to 21 hours. So you have to charge the shoes with USB cables once a day if you’re using them daily. Don’t overcharge them or leave them unattended for a long time.

Now to clean the shoes you can’t put them in a washing machine if it’s not kids’ shoes. Only the kids’ light-up shoes are so durable that they can put up with a washing machine. But shoes for adults shouldn’t be put into the washing machine. Instead, try to clean them with mild soap and water. Warm water and a brush can help you clean stiff grease on the shoes. Then to dry them use a soft cloth.

Moreover, some people get worried when their Skechers shoes get wet. It’s not always possible to avoid water while wearing shoes. So if the shoes get wet a little you don’t need to worry. Your shoes will be okay if they get wet in light rain or a bit of water. They’ll dry by themselves in this situation. Or else, you can put them in the dryer. The dryer doesn’t hamper the lights but it drains a little battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Turn On Light-up shoes?

Turning on light-up shoes is simple, you just have to turn on the switch. You can find the switch on the tongue, ankle, heel, or sole of the shoe. Click the switch a few times to turn the lights if the shoe has many features controlled by only one switch.

Can I Wear Light-up Shoes in The Rain?

It’s better to not wear light-up shoes in the rain. But if it’s drizzling you can wear them. But don’t wear LED shoes if it’s raining cats and dogs.

How Do You Turn Off Stride Rite Light Shoes?

To turn on and off Stride Rite light-up shoes you need to hold the button of the shoe for 3 seconds. So press and hold the button for 3 seconds to turn the lights off the shoes.

How Do You Turn Off Skechers Heart Light Shoes?

The on-off switch of a Skechers Heart light shoe is located at the ankle of the shoe. You simply have to press it to turn it on or off the lights.


You’ll be surprised to know that light-up shoes are highly fashionable and comfortable at the same time. The lights, switch, and charging port don’t compromise the comfort of the shoe at all. Moreover, by turning off the lights of a light-up shoe you can have two types of shoes in one. Again, turning off the light when in need saves the power too. This way both the shoes and lights will go in a long run.

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