How To Fix LED Lights When Colors Are Wrong? Troubleshooting Color Problem

LED lights offer a variety of colors. You can control those via remote. But sometimes you can face problems like. You can select a color but the lights can show another different color. These problems are common. It can be a defect of the light or it can also be a connection problem. But in both cases, you can face this situation. So, you must check it properly before throwing away your light. Sometimes, poor ventilation systems can cause this problem too. It is quite different from regular CFL. 

How To Fix LED Lights When Colors Are Wrong

Causes Of Having the Wrong Color LED Lights

The issue of having the wrong light may have different reasons behind it. The reason you are having wrong colors in your LED lights can be:

  1. Purchasing poor-quality LED lights. LED bulbs depend on the quality of the lights. If you buy poor-quality lights, then it will create problems. That will cause the wrong light problems.
  2. Poor wiring of the LEDs. Poor wiring means if you do not have good-quality wires or if you do not do the wiring properly. 
  3. Problems in the power supply. LED bulbs need a specific voltage or enough voltage to light up. If it does not have enough power, then the lights will not turn on. Or if you have overpowered then the lights will heat up and it will show different colors.
  4. Using wrong connectors. If you connect the LEDs with the wrong connectors, and if you have poor soldering. It shows the wrong lights or it will not light up.

How To Fix LED Lights When Colors Are Wrong?

Many people face the problem of having the wrong lights in their LED bulbs. It is nothing serious. It is just a technical problem with the lights. But there are ways that you can fix that. The following ways can be helpful in fixing the light colors of your LED.

  1. Firstly make sure that the lights are connected well. And there is enough power from the power supply and voltage.
  2. Then, you should turn off your system once.
  3. Press the FADE7 in your remote.
  4. After that, you have to turn on the system and press the color button on your remote. Then the color will reset to its original form.
  5. You should also have a good ventilation system. A good ventilation system will stop the lights from overheating. Which will help the light to remain in a good condition.

These will help to fix the color of your LED light. 

What To Do If The Lights Do Not Change Back To Its Original Form?

If the steps mentioned above do not help to fix your LED lights. Then you should change the light. Changing the light is the best way. But you can save that if you have a warranty card. So buying good quality LED lights in the first place can help you a lot. Firstly the light won’t be broken easily and if it does then you will have a warranty to fix that. But if you do not have any of that then you should just replace the lights. 

Fixing Discolored LED Lights

If the LED lights are discolored then it must probably be overheating. Overheating can cause discoloration in the LED strip lights. The solution is simple. You should not expose the light to too much heat. The diodes overheat and cause these problems. So, you must have a good ventilation system to keep cool airflow. That way, the lights will not discolor or show different lights easily. And your LED strips will be fine too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do LED Lights Not Show Blue?

If the LED has a bad power supply, poor ventilation system, or any battery-related problem. Then, your light will not be able to show blue color. But if you do have any issues with that then it must be probably, the LED bulb is a poor-quality product.

Why Are The Lights Green When You Turn Them Off?

There are 3 main reasons behind having green lights in your LED strip after turning it off. The first one is if you have a bad transistor. There can be electrical wiring problems and also there can be a solid-state relay inside.


You can face a lot of problems using LED lights or LED strips but you can always look for suggestions and detect the problem behind them. If you have a wiring problem you may face a situation. If you have a ventilation problem the solution can be different. Every problem has its own solution but if you still have problems with those lights you can change them. 

If the lights are not fixable then you must change the light. Buying cheap poor lights will not give you a warranty, but buying good lights for a slightly different price can surely give you a warranty to fix your lights. But, you can always look for options for fixing or buying new LED lights.  

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