How To Control Multiple LED Strips | Is It Possible to Connect One Power Source?

Led strips are used to decorate rooms as they add different volumes and vibes to your house. Its illumination power maximizes the corner view and adds a vibe according to the environment. You can easily connect multiple strips and control them using one remote.

How To Control Multiple LED Strips

How To Control Multiple LED Strips – Controlling in Easy Solutions

LED strips can be controlled, changed, and reworked just by yourself because these strips are super user-friendly and don’t need too much equipment to cleanse. Here are some problems described and the solution to overcome them.

Increasing the length

When you are syncing LED strips together as different brand strips come at different lengths, you may need more to add up some corners of your room. Mostly, in this type of case, you can simply connect them using a male to male connectors. make sure you line up the arrows properly to connect through the connector.

Decreasing the length

Sometimes for house decoration or on occasion purposes, you need to cut off the main strips and make smaller strips to create new ends and solder extensions. In That case, Try to find out the copper connection in most strips they maintain a two-inch gap in between. Cut in between the copper connection making sure each side has the same amount of copper left, so none of your strips gets useless. 

Use sharp scissors to gently cut the strip and use an anti-cutter to remove the plastic wrap from the copper strips to make a connection. Remove enough of the plastic so you get the letters exposed enough to match up with the connection. Now you can create a new end or connect two lines directly. You may need a solder together to galvanize the ends in a pinch.

Retaining the connection

There might be some corners where you don’t want to add lights but you need the connection to run between strips. This mostly happens when you want to light your in-between windows. Plus, this is the best intensity for the solution. When you are connecting the wires make sure to line them up properly and each of them stays separated from each copper module. Connect them matching up with the color to maintain the swift electronic flow or you may cause a short circuit or the strip lights won’t work.

Can I Connect Multiple LED Strips To One Remote?

LED strips are quite famous nowadays for their easy installation and controlling process. This remote control works with a radio frequency bluster, so every light strips with the same radio frequency even if those strips are not the same brand, you can easily control them using one remote. To connect multiple LED strips in one remote you need to follow some steps:

  1. Connect Receiver(s) To Driver
  2. Connect LED(s) To Receiver(s) 
  3. Connect RGB Light Strip(s) To Lead(s)
  4. Identify Master Receiver 
  5. Prepare Receiver For Synchronization 
  6. Synchronize receiver to remote 
  7. Repeat Process For All Additional Receiver 
  8. Synchronize master receiver Using the same process

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sync the LED remote?

You can connect your LED strips with its remote very easily. First, you need to reset the receiver. Press the button on the receiver until it is light blue. Then press and hold the on/off switch on the remote indicating towards the receiver till the blue light flickers. Now you have successfully connected the strips with the remote.

How to Connect Multiple Led Strips?

It’s easy to sync multiple LED strips without soldering. You can sync them in two ways one is a gapless pin connector, and another is a jumper connector. These two allow the low voltage flow between two strips. If you want to angle your strip lights at a 90-degree angle for the windows or door lines, you can use an angle connector also you can use a “T” shape angle connector to give your light strips various directions without breaking the flow.

How To connect multiple LED strips?

When you can connect multiple LED strips, make sure to connect the remote will all the receivers and make a master receiver. Then turn off all the lights and start them together so they sync and the light flows in the same manner. You can also select a single strand and make changes to the lighting.

Can I control different brands of LED strips with one remote?

LED strips are available in the market of different brands. The remote control of each brand is also different from each other, but the core manufacturer of each led strip is the same. All these LEd strips are controlled via remote using radio frequency. If the radio frequency of LED strips is the same, even if they are different in brands, they can be connected to one remote and can be controlled with it.

Can I connect led strips directly to a battery?

When you use LED strips outside or in corners of your house where you don’t have any access to the power outlet, you can simply use a household battery to connect. You can use a 12v rechargeable output to connect your strips. Use a DC port on the battery unit as a female one, and connect it to the male post of the LED strips. This can serve at least 1 hour with a full charge on the battery.


LED lights are versatile and flexible lighting products when it comes to decoration. The best part of LD strips is they consume very low voltage but can provide the best outcome. You can cut or restore the length of LED strips. If you have a minimal sense of electrical things you can easily manage LED strips.

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