How To Tell If An LED Bulb Is Blown

LED means Light Emitting Diode which has become a life changer equipment in our daily life. LED lights are considered modern generation lights that not only emitted translucent light but are also energy efficient, the best part of the light is it doesn’t affect the environment by producing heat or harmful chemicals to our skin.

How To Tell If An LED Bulb Is Blown

How To Tell If An LED Bulb Is Blown?

It’s easy to find out if your led light is blown, simply connect it to any battery cell to check if the light remains the same. Every LED light whether it’s small or big has two diodes, a cathode, and an anode which creates light by electrical flow inside the bulb which makes it more energy efficient than any other bulb candescent bulbs create light from the heat where heat is transformed to light later. As LEDs are easy to use, It also has a great life span than any other light.

Testing Bulb: Using Multimeter

The name explains it all. The multimeter is namely known as VOL/Ohm meter. It ‘s’ an electrical measurement meter with which you can measure electric current, voltage, and even resistance with only one unit. You can test 3mm LED,5mmLE,1 watt LED, and even RGB with one single multimeter.

There are two pins used on a multimeter, Red and Black colored wire. The red one is the cathode and the black one is the anode. When the Red pin is connected to the anode part of the LEDs and the Black part to the cathode it completes the circuit and makes electricity run. If the bulb is blown the electric flow won’t emit the lights.

  1. Before starting to perform connect the black probe to COM and the red to the v/Qma.
  2. Then turn the dime of the multimeter to the diode mode. This mode will show ‘1’ on the display. After that, you can start testing your LED bulb.
  3. To test LEDs, first, you need to figure out the positive or negative terminal of your led bulbs. You can efficiently identify that by comparing the leads. The longer lead is the positive pin which will be connected to the red probe and the smaller lead is the negative portion which will be connected to the black probe.
  4. Place the LED on a board. If you are testing it withholding in your hands, wear gloves to you don’t get any electrical shock.
  5. Now touch the cathode to the positive part and the anode to the negative.
  6. If the LED glows that means it’s not blown out.

Somehow, if you have touched the wrong probe to the pins, simply the bulb will not glow because it won’t make any electric circuit. So you can change the cathode and anode probe to check if your light is blown or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my LED light is bad?

If your light flickers when you turn it on as LED light runs in Direct current (DC) it may damage the light. Another problem can be detected If the light gets heated in no time. LED lights are supposed to generate lights through diodes. There’s no way for LED lights to create heat. If you find this type of problem check the fixture or change the bulb as soon as possible.

Can a LED light burn out?

LED lights are known as super efficient bulb and it doesn’t provide light by producing heat. It has small diodes which make light illuminate when electricity flows. According to this sense, LED light is more durable and usable than other bulbs. But the components are so sensible, that’s why it can be blown out if it receives too much electric flow or the fixture is not appropriate for the LED.

How to test an LED light bulb?

It’s much easier to check whether your LED bulb is blown or not just by connecting it to a battery cell, you can use a lithium battery cell to test them safely. But you can only test lower voltage LED lights as the lithium batteries are not able to supply that much voltage.

Plug the lithium battery cells into the LEDs and check if it’s blown or not. if the light expounds that means the led is still usable.

How do I know if my LED headlights are blown?

If you are driving and your headlight bulb doesn’t work properly, It can be the headlight wiring or the LED light itself that is out of order, as LED lights don’t usually run to ruin very easily. To check that, you can use an alleged clip to ensure your LED bulb’s condition. Take out the LED bulb connection from the car. 

In order to check if the bulb is blown, connect one side of the alleged clips to the pins of the bulb, then connect the other side to the battery, and reverse the direction of the clips on the batteries. If the bulb doesn’t respond that means your LED light is blown out, if not then you should change the wiring.


LED bulbs are more efficient than incandescent bulbs. It uses 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Due to this, It can emit more light than any other bulbs in less wattage. An average American household can save up to 10000$ in ten years by switching to LED Bulbs.

Moreover, These LED bulbs don’t blow out easily. A Good LED light can grant you ten years of warranty. So, there’s no tension in changing your home lights over five years. Also, it’s good for eyesight as modern generation LED lights can be dimmed or brightened according to your need.

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