How to Hang Lights from Soffit? – Just 5 Steps

Hanging exterior lights has always been easier with the Soffit Clip. With the Soffit Clip, you can easily hang decorative lights. Soffit Clips are great for Christmas, Halloween, and party lights! Soffit hooks are the best way to hang lights on existing structures. A heavy-duty staple gun is an alternative to drilling holes into wood deck railings or fencing.

How to Hang Lights from Soffit

A Step By Step Guide for Hanging Lights from Soffit

Using outdoor LED soffit lighting is a beautiful way to light up your home, and we recommend it to all our clients. In addition to providing the same sleek look you’ve seen indoors for years, recessed soffit lighting is a hot new trend. Due to their height, weight, and overall bulk, old-fashioned recessed fixtures could have been better for soffits. Since smaller LEDs work perfectly and are easy to retrofit on older homes.

The illumination of exterior LED soffit lights at night is simply stunning. Their ambiance lighting creates a look that cannot be matched by another exterior home lighting. Several types of exterior lighting are available on the market, and we recommend mixing them all. A spotlight provides a very bright light to the property. 

From the ground up, up lighting washes walls and highlights landscaping. Wall sconces illuminate doorways and garages. On the ground, steps, walkways, and landscaping lights do their thing. Soffit lighting, however, is unbeatable at roof level. There is nothing like this look.

The Following Steps Will Show You How to Hang Lights from the Soffit

Make sure your holiday lights are working before hanging them by plugging them in beforehand. It is the last thing you want to have a few dead bulbs, or worse, an entire string of dead bulbs. Also, make sure your extension cords and light strings are outdoor-rated. Besides, you’ll also need a hands-free way to hold the soffit clips while on the ladder. Pockets, tool belts, or fanny packs are all possible.

Here are the things you’ll need:


  • Ladder
  • Measuring tape
  • Light-hanging pole (optional)


  • Soffit light clips
  • lights
  • Extension cords

Step 1. Purchase Soffit Light Clips

  • If you hang lights with nails or staples, you could have leaks and other problems in the future. Soffit light clips (available online or at your local hardware store) make it easy to hang lights from the Soffit. 
  • Each string light should have one clip every 12 to 18 inches. Set up your ladder near one end of the soffit boards after you’ve picked up your light clips, and ensure your lights are working. You should always place your ladder on flat, sturdy ground and only climb it if you feel well or if there is a wind or rain forecast. Working on the ladder requires a buddy to spot you.

Step 2. Outlets Should Close to Lights

  • The plug end of the light string should always be within reach of the nearest outlet when hanging lights. While hanging the lights, ensure the plug can reach the outlet comfortably but don’t leave the lights plugged in.

Step 3. Install Your First Hook

  • Install your first clip by pushing it onto the soffit board by climbing your ladder. Make sure the hook is facing outward. Alternatively, you can install all your hooks at once, then hang the lights, or you can install a hook, a light, a hook, a light, etc.

Step 4. Start Hanging the Lights

  • You can now hang your lights and add more hooks if you choose to hang the hooks and lights together. Feel free to experiment and find what looks best to you. You should need a light look for every 12 to 18 inches of light.

Step 5. Add Clips to  Soffit Lights

  • In addition, consider adding lights to your soffits. You can also hang outdoor lights on your Soffit by using special holders designed to fit into your soffits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hang Christmas lights on Soffit?

Most Christmas lights are attached to gutters, fascias, or soffits. To avoid drilling holes in your roofing shingles, you should use your gutters instead. Roofs with holes are more likely to leak. You can drill holes in your fascia and Soffit as well.

What lights to use in Soffit?

Lighting your Soffit with LED bulbs is the best choice. The efficiency of LEDs is far greater than that of other bulbs. As they consume less energy than they produce heat, they produce more light. They use less power, making LED bulbs cool to the touch, and more power is used for light.

Soffit vs. Fascia: What’s the Difference?

Fascia is the horizontal band at the ends of the rafters, while the Soffit is under the rafter tails. A home’s eave area contains architectural elements that do more than add visual interest.


It can be tricky to hang lights from your home’s Soffit or around the exterior. Additionally, you’re limited to devices, which might only sometimes align with your festive vision. You might want to invest in a professional holiday light hanger if you need assistance or are short on time. A local holiday decorator can help you prepare your entire home, both inside and outside, for the holidays.

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