Can You Plug Red White Yellow Into RGB

RGB(Red, Green, and Blue) is a system that refers to the color display of any device like a computer or television which provides all the color channels to make the visual more vibrant and colorful using three core colors.

RCA ports are used for video components that can provide interlaced video up to 1080p or HD video. RCA cables combined provide audio and video projection. So if you plug Red white yellow into RGB, the cables won’t be able to provide the whole as it will only project the visual projection rather than providing the audio and video with both. So It’s not possible to plug Red White Yellow into RGB.

Can You Plug Red White Yellow Into RGB

Can You Plug Red White Yellow Into RGB

RGB is the abbreviation of Red, Green, and Blue lights, commonly used in digital forecasting of clear visual components to produce different lighting effects. RGB can be described as RGB of the monitor or the RGB lights which are quite popular now and used for decorating. To connect RGB with any components it required a male-to-male or male-to-female connector to expand the wiring. Red white and yellow cables are used for connecting audio and video cables to the device that connects to an RCA connector. It requires coaxial connections.

But the RGB cable is only used to attach video cables, this component won’t provide audio, you need to attach the audio cables to get the whole experience. There are two ways you can plug RCA cables into RGB:

  • You can directly connect the Red and White yellow into RGB, if these cables have the same jack, you need to sync with the socket color.
  • You can use an adapter to connect the Coaxial cables to the RGB components for your TV, Though still, you would need different cables to provide sound to the device as RGB adapters will only convert the wavelength for your visual auditory.

Can You Put Red White Yellow Into the Components?

Usually, TV monitors have five components in the connection row to provide a constructive output that even a newbie can connect to the cables. Red, Green, and blue components are for the video. 

Moreover, white and yellow are for audio. If you have red white yellow cables, these are AV standard cables. You can plug them in any manner as long as the yellow cable is put into the right component as it is for video projection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I plug yellow, red, and white?

Check the Y-marked input or the video name with the green color to put the yellow cable. and Plug the white into audio L and the red one into R, which will have the same color. It won’t be a difference if you swap their places. If you find any problem with the projection, change the TV settings to AV signal.

Can I plug RCA into YPbPr?

YPbPr is a color space used to convert RGB video signals. This component is divided into 3 parts: Y, Pb, and Pr where Y is used for the luminance. You can connect RCA which is commonly used for audio and video providers to the YPbPr cables to provide only the visual experience. YPBPR is in reverse viable with the luminance piece of composite video even with just part video disentangling one can, in any case, utilize composite video employing this info, however, just luma data will be shown, alongside the chroma spots.

Can I hook up RCA into components?

The RCA cable can be used for audio, video, SPDIF, and video components without any problems. You can easily hook up RCA into components. But it’s not very easy to attach RCA into components in modern devices as they come in RGB components and different audio components. So you need to buy a different adapter to convert the RCA into RGB components.


Mainly RCA or Red, White, and Yellow cables are analog cables that are considered best for television to carry endless wavelengths which will convert to audio and video to give a swift experience of watching TV providing auditory and visual pleasure at the same time. But RGB cables are only used for video projection. These two cables are completely different in providing data as RGB are VGA cables whereas Red, White, and Yellow are coaxial. 

So before connecting any cables to your TV components try to read the full manual to avoid any problems while setting up the TV.

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