Can A UV Flashlight Burn You? Know the Fact

A UV flashlight is different from the UV lights that the sun rays. But the media and newspapers promote it as harmful as the sunlight. And that’s where the misconception starts. We’re not saying there is no harm in UV flashlights. But, that will only cause damage to certain kinds of misuse.

Can A Uv Flashlight Burn You

In this article, we will describe whether a UV flashlight can harm you in any way or not. Also, we will try to provide all the caution to avoid the harmful effects of UV flashlights.

What Is A UV Flashlight?

UV flashlights emit ultraviolet rays that we can neither see nor feel. So it’s completely invisible to the human eye. But why do we use it? People use UV flashlights to see things that are impossible to see with simple looks. For example, UV flashlights are used for fluorescent objects. 

Objects such as paints, body fluids, minerals, and animal fluids that human eyes can not see. These objects will only fluoresce when you put a UV flashlight on them. For example, you will see detectives using it to find fingerprints at the crime scene in a most crime or detective thriller movies. 

A UV light looks identical to any white light flashlight. But unlike a white light flashlight, it emits UV light. That’s the main difference. But there is another kind of difference for which people are concerned when using a UV flashlight. And that is its effect on the human body. 

So let’s now discuss that.

Can UV Flashlight Burn You | How to Know

No. UV flashlights have no intense properties that can damage your skin cells. In addition, UV flashlight rays are nowhere near the UV light the sun emits. So the effects are not as harmful as you might have thought. Finally, for clarity, the light emitted from the UV flashlight is even lesser than the amount a sun emits on a typical sunny day.

So the UV flashlights will not cause you any skin burn or damage. But we are not defying all the claims regarding the harmful effects of UV flashlights on the skin. There are a few cases when a UV flashlight can burn your skin. For example, imagine you have a UV B light of 800 wattages. If you are exposed to that UV B light even for 15 minutes, it will give you a burn. But that sort of UV B light or even a medium-power UV flashlight is not used for general purposes. Those lights have particular use and whoever uses those lights maintains proper caution.

In conclusion, if you use a standard Longwave UV flashlight, you don’t need to be cynical anymore. Nothing will happen to your skin. But a medium-power UV flashlight or a high-power one will cause severe burns on the skin. Unlike a thermal burn, which is felt immediately, a UV burn will stay for hours.

What Happens If You Look Into A UV Flashlight?

There is no denying that UV flashlights are detrimental to your eyes. It increases the chances of eye disease after aging. When you look into a UV flashlight, it initially causes discomfort in your eyes. It will feel like sand in your eyes that you can not remove. And as time passes and your eyes are continuously exposed to UV lights, it weakens your cornea and lessens your sight’s power. The effects on the eyes are almost similar when working in front of a digital display for a long time that emits UV rays.

That’s why we always recommend you use UV-protected eyeglasses while working in front of your digital devices and wear a hat, cap, or sunglasses while roaming outside in the sun.

Can UV Light Damage My Skin In Any Way?

Before answering this question, we have told you that UV flashlights will surely not burn you unless it’s a high-wattage UV B light. But long-time or continuous exposure to UV light on your skin may have some negative impacts. It can damage your skin cells, causing early aging. 

In addition, it can also cause wrinkles, actinic keratosis, or leathery skin, which may take time to cure. In case of curing, you will have to stay distant from UV lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do My Phone Flashes Have UV Rays?

Most of these phone flashes these days have UV-A light. That means if you hover your phone flash over any fluorescent object, this will surely shine bright in your eyes.

Can I Use A UV Flashlight To Tan?

Yes. A UV flashlight can help you to tan. The longwave UV A is used to tanning skin in addition to blacklight effects. The UV A 320-400 nm longwave UV A provides the perfect output to give your body a tan.

When Exactly Can a UV Give You Sunburn?

You are likely to get burned if you are overexposed to 280-320 nm UV light from the natural sun or UV flashlights. These UV lights are used for different skin conditions for medical treatment.


UV flashlights have a special kind of use. People who use it must be aware of its detrimental effects when they are exposed to it for a long time. If your job requires you to use UV flashlights during most of your working hours, it’s best if you take all the precautions to avoid its effects on the human body.

It’s true that it’s not as harmful as we think it is. But safety should never be compromised. Make sure you avoid 280-320 nm longwave UV light. In that case, any UV-protected sunglass can protect your eyes from these skin-burning UV lights.

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