How To Convert 120V Light Fixture To 12V (Just 4 Steps)

The light fixtures that need 120 volts are too costly to maintain. Due to the 120V light fixture, the monthly electricity bill can be high. To avoid that expense you can convert that fixture to 12V. The process isn’t so hard but you’ll need some basic electrical knowledge to do that.

Every fixture has 2,3, or 4 colored wires in its circuit. The hot wires are colored black or red, they bring power from the power source to the fixture. There is a neutral white-colored wire that carries back extra power to the source. And the copper or green colored wire connects the fixture to the household’s grounding.

Now on 120V fixtures, they have all the three wires mentioned above but in 12V they have only two wires, red and black. The conversion of the fixture is just disconnecting the remaining wires and connecting the wires as a 12v device. This is all you have to do to convert the fixture but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

How To Convert 120V Light Fixture To 12V

How Do I Convert 120V Light Fixture To 12V

You will need some basic tools or stuff to do it. But the most important part is to follow the steps sequentially. Don’t jump a step over another. 

Required Stuff

  • Screwdriver: For opening the circuits
  • Wire Strippers: For joining the wires
  • Tape: To cover the joined wires
  • Caps: To cover the needless wires
  • A 12V Light Bulb
  • Safety Glasses
  • Rubber Gloves

Step 1

In 12V devices there are only the hot and neutral lines are used, so the remaining copper wire isn’t needed. So the first thing you have to do after opening the circuit of the light is to cap up or roll up the green wires. This will help to sort out all the wires. Because when you cap up all the green or copper wires only black or red and white wires will remain. Later you have to work with the hot and neutral wire.

Step 2

Next, you have to open the circuit line of your room. As soon as you’ll open the circuit panel/box of your house you’ll see two wires. Red and black, where the red one is the hotline and the black one is the neutral line. As the circuit line is already connected to the power source of the house green wires aren’t needed here.

Step 3

At this point, you have to connect the hot wires and neutral wires to each other. But the hot wire of a fixture can be red or black whence one of the homes is red. So, don’t get confused and connect the red or black wire of the fixture to the red wire of the power source. Afterward, connect the open wires. This means connecting the white cable of the fixture to the black cable of the circuit.

Step 4

This is the last step where you pack up all the things and change the bulb of the fixture. Before that fix the electrical cabinet neatly and get a 12V bulb. Mount the bulb and turn on the switch. You’ll have your desired reformed light fixture.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How I Connect A 120V Light To 12V?

You can connect a 120V light fixture to 12v easily. You just have to join the hot wire of the fixture to the power source’s hot wire. And the neutral wire of the source has to be joined to the neutral one of the light. The rest wires of the fixture need to be disconnected and capped off. Now set a 12V bulb and you’re done.

Can a House Light Fixture Be Used In an RV?

Yes, a house light can be used in an RV fixture. But you have to make sure that the voltage and wattage of the bulb match with the RV fixture.

Can I Convert An AC Light To DC?

Converting an AC light to Dc is not different from converting a high-voltage device to a low one. You just have to wire up the neutral and hot wires accordingly.


Converting a high voltage light to a low one doesn’t only cut extra expenses but is eco-friendly too. By doing this you can save energy. Though you have to be careful while doing the task. You must double-check if the power source is disconnected before starting. Or else, you can face unwanted trouble and expense.

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