Can Edison Bulbs Be Dimmed | Answered

Yes, Edison bulbs are dimmable, in brief. But there are some other discussions about this topic. Thomas Edison is known worldwide for his invention of basic electronics. Those electronics have a significant impact on shaping the form of human civilization and the light bulb is one of them. He invented bulbs 100 years ago and they have been improvised since then. But the vintage ones are always in demand because of their look.

Because of this, Edison light bulbs are produced with modern facilities and old designs.

Can Edison Bulbs Be Dimmed

Can Edison Bulbs Be Dimmed

Lights are an essential part of the decoration of a room. You can think that a light bulb’s job is just eradicating darkness. But it’s not so, lights are used to set the mode or environment of a room too. Because if you want to take a rest after a long day of work you won’t want bright light in your room. Rather, you’ll prefer a very light and relaxing environment with dimmed light.

Here is a thing you should know regular bulbs can’t be dimmed. Though they can be used in a dimmable circuit. But in this case, your dimmable circuit is in complete waste because it’s not being used as it should be. On the other hand, dimmable bulbs can’t fit on non-dimmable circuits. So, if you want dimmable lights at first you should get the needed circuits.

However, all fluorescent and incandescent bulbs are dimmable. You’ll find that some LED bulbs are dimmable too. Again, the Edison bulbs are dimmable to answer the question of whether are they dimmable or not.

How To Dim Edison Bulbs

Dimming Edison bulbs are easy if you can follow the steps. There are 3 or 4 steps to dim the bulb and they are easy. The first step is checking the bulb and dimmer. You can do any of them first. What you have to check is if the bulb is dimmable or not. You can look at the packaging of the bulb or the manufactures site for that.

You can check the bulb first because that’s easy than checking the dimmer. While checking the dimmer switch you need to know its power range. The maximum and minimum range of a dimmer switch indicates its compatibility with the bulb. If you divide the maximum and minimum range by 10 you’ll get the maximum and minimum safe range of the bulb’s wattage.

You should set a bulb of that safe range on your dimmer. After that, you have to do nothing. Then you can control the bulbs’ light distribution with a switch easily. Isn’t it great you don’t have to buy various lamps and lights for different occasions? You can set various moods and ambiances in your room with just one light. Moreover, the Edison bulbs give a vintage classic look to your room.

Right Dimmer For Edison Bulb

There are two types of dimmer switches for LEDs and traditional bulbs. They are called trailing edge and leading edge. You can find sub-types of these switches in the market. But these are the main types of dimmer switches. The trailing one can be used for LED bulbs only. Whence the leading edge dimmer switch is for incandescent and halogen bulbs.

Both of the dimmer switches work by cutting off the voltage of the power line. Though the leading edge is more popular and has been in the market before the trailing edge. So for Edison bulbs, you should use the leading edge dimmer if it’s not LED. but if the Edison bulb is LED use a trailing edge dimmer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can All Edison Bulbs Be Dimmed?

You can find the details of any bulb on its packaging or the manufacturer’s website. Including if the bulb is dimmable or not and what its compatible dimmer switch is. But generally, all Edison bulbs can be dimmed and the leading edge is the perfect switch for them.

What Light Bulbs Cannot Be dimmed?

All the incandescent bulbs are dimmable. Except these the others are not dimmable. Like, fluorescent bulbs, or LEDs. But if they are designed and made with the sole purpose of dimming then they can be dimmed. The other regular LEDs and fluorescent bulbs are not dimmable.

Which Light Bulbs Can Be Dimmed?

Normally halogen or incandescent bulbs are dimmable. But nowadays dimmable bulbs can be made with higher technologies from LED and CFLs too. However, to function with dimmable bulbs you need to get a dimmer that works perfectly with the light. Or else, all the efforts will go in vain.

Are All Filament Bulbs Dimmable?

Yes, all filament bulbs are dimmable. For more information, you can look at the packaging of the bulb.


By using the name Edison we pay our respect to Thomas Edison. Only through his contribution, we can lead a luxurious life. Also, the Edison bulb is a great option for decorating as well as lighting your room. With these vintage lights, you can always have an elegant look.

Edison bulbs produce an amber warm light with 360° light emission. And by using a dimmer you can control the environment to be relaxing or dining or partying. Again when you dim the light the bulb uses less energy and produces less heat. So it’s energy and cost-saving at the same time.

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