What Is A Locator Light On A Dimmer Switch

Have you ever fumbled about trying to find the light switch in the living room? I don’t even want to think about how many occasions we have crushed our heads and punched our toes in search of that dumb wall socket! Many businesses now sell switches with a locator light on them to make your life easier.

With the aid of this switch, you may now avoid several embarrassing situations in the future in addition to saving your toes.

What Is A Locator Light On A Dimmer Switch

In this blog, we shall discuss the locator lights on the dimmer switches and all there is to know about them. So let’s get going.

What is a Dimmer Switch

A dimmer is a tool used to control the intensity of a light source that is attached to a fixture. Lowering the output of illumination is achieved by altering the voltage waveform delivered to the bulb.

Drastically reducing the quantity of power going through the circuit to the bulbs is how the dimmer switch operates. That indicates that it is sucking electricity rather than consuming it and delivering less to the lights.

Dimmer switches provide several benefits, one of which is the ability to manage the electrical flow between various house lighting sources. You may save up to 98% of your electricity by dimming just one light bulb. Your electricity bill will also decrease significantly.

Regular dimmer switches will operate with the majority of light fixtures, including those using halogen and incandescent bulbs. Find out if your fixture utilizes line electricity or low voltage. Dimmer switches can be used to adjust the brightness of incandescent track and rail lights that are installed using line power.

The Locator Light on a Dimmer Switch

The gadget has a little light on the locator that turns on when the unit is off. In the dark, this light is useful for finding the dimmer.

Choosing the one that has a locator light dimmer switch is generally going to be your favored choice if you need to install lights in a new room. Although some switches have more functionality than a basic dimmer switch, this one will serve any common lighting needs well.

You can more quickly and effectively locate the wall and the switch with the aid of this locating light. Not only is it a good idea to have a locator light on at night, but it also has the advantage of being a more affordable alternative.

Different Kinds of Locating Lights on Switches

Let’s look at several light dimmer switches.

Locator Switches

To make them easier to find in the dark, locator switches glow while they are in the OFF position.

Light Switch Pilots

Whenever the switch is set to the ON mode, a pilot light switch turns on to let you know that a light that isn’t visible at the switch—like an outdoor, cellar, or closet light—is on.

Luminous Toggles

Some toggle switches feature illuminated handles, whereas others merely have illumination around the edge of the toggle.

Rocker Switches With Lights

There are several ways to turn on a rocker switch. Some rockers come with an illuminated gem placed inside. Some feature an internal light that shines through the paddle.

A snap-in lighting bar can be installed in place of a bar that runs along the top or bottom of some combination rocker switches.

Lighting Outlets

Additionally, outlets may offer light. The GFCI set/reset switches on these outlets are flanked by built-in night lights. Ideal for use at night in corridors and restrooms.

Plates For Pilot Light Switches

A bulb within your electrical box can also be illuminated by a pilot light. A switch plate with a gem set in a circular hole is one approach to conceal this pilot light bulb.

Louvered Switch Plates with Lighting

A switch plate with louvers that enables light to pass through the slats may also be used to conceal an interior wall light. This is a typical method of lighting outdoor steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Locator Light Dimmer Switch?

When the gadget is turned off, a little light on the device glows. This light is useful for finding the dimmer in the dark.

What Is A Multi-Location Dimmer Switch?

Multi-location dimmer switches, as opposed to three-way dimmer switches, which cannot handle multiple dimmers on the same circuit, allow for dimming controls in far more than one place. These can be used in conjunction with a suitable light switch, non-dimming three-way switches, or intelligent devices and remote controls.

Do I Need Special Lights For A Dimmer Switch?

A dimmer switch can only handle LEDs, CFLs (Compact fluorescent lamps), and other lights with modern technology and a dimming capability.

How Do I Adjust A Leviton Dimmer Switch?

On your mobile device, look for and launch the “Manufacture made app” app from Leviton. – To add the Digital device, click the “+” sign in the upper right corner. – Press the OFF key on the Decora Digital device till the status LED blinks, then continue the on-screen directions to couple your smart device.


So can you now be comfortable taking the risk of walking toward the light bulb switch in the dark now? If not, now is the time to simply put in a locator light dimmer switch to replace your old one.  

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