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How to Make Pink on LED Lights

How to Make Pink on LED Lights?

If you are a person who always likes to follow trends in social media, you need to make different videos with different color shades. Because according to the ongoing craze, people on social media platforms are focusing on making videos with color-changing LED lights. Usually, people are getting more fascinated…

What Is a G14 Bulb

What Is a G14 Bulb?

G14 globe lights are a popular choice for specialty and restoration lighting projects. A 130-volt filament allows the G14 globe light bulbs to last longer when operated at 120 volts. Many antique and imported light fixtures can benefit from this European base bulb. Bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens,…

2 Pin Vs 3 Pin Navigation Light

2 Pin Vs 3 Pin Navigation Light | Differences

White or colorful lighting systems called navigation lights are employed on spacecraft, boats, and airplanes. It is crucial for night vehicle operation that they give visual signaling and understanding of location, status, and direction between craft or vessels. You might be curious as to what makes the two- and three-pin…

Why Does My Ceiling Fan Light Turn off by Itself

Why Does My Ceiling Fan Light Turn off by Itself? Reasons and Solutions

Sometimes electrical issues can be particularly difficult and infuriating to diagnose. As a homeowner, facing an electrical issue that you can’t find out is the most frustrating. A ceiling fan light is a thing you can suffer a lot of issues with it because a ceiling fan light may have…

How to Remove New Construction Recessed Lights Without Attic Access

How to Remove New Construction Recessed Lights Without Attic Access? (8 Steps)

Many people have new construction houses which are built with recessed lights in the ceiling. Sometimes they require to remove their recessed lights fixtures. However, sometimes removing new construction recessed lights became daunting due to not having attic access to get at them. So, if you want to do this…

Can 12V LED Run On 5V 

Can 12V LED Run On 5V? YES!

We all know that LED lights are energy-saving, but there are many more advantages of using LED strip lights. The lights are also customizable, less heat-generating, and long-lasting. The fact that it’s customizable is very beneficial. Because you can customize both the input and output of the bulb. Here input…

How to Tell If a Metal Halide Bulb is Bad

How to Tell If a Metal Halide Bulb is Bad | Ways to Find Out

Metal halide lamps can belong to your family of high-intensity discharge lamps. However, high-intensity discharge lamps include sodium-vapor and mercury-vapor lamps. Though a metal halide bulb is long-lasting, it can still wear out. So, the issue could be with the bulb when you begin to experience dimming, rapid flickering, color…

How To Wire A 208 Volt Light Fixture

How To Wire A 208 Volt Light Fixture | Safety Measures to Take

The most comfortable lighting option is fluorescent lighting. Although it costs the least to power, many business buildings, museums, and schools continue to utilize it as their primary lighting source. The proper method for securely wiring a light fixture is described in this article. If a DIY enthusiast isn’t at…

What Smart Bulbs Work With 5GHz Wifi

What Smart Bulbs Work With 5GHz Wifi? (Differences Between 2.4GHz And 5GHz)

The home automation system is quite new. Here, most smart bulbs are designed for 2.4GHz wifi routers. This signal provides a larger coverage area and a superior range than the 5GHz signal. But a 5 GHz connection provides us with faster speed and transfers more data with this frequency. So…

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