How To Mount A CB Antenna Without Drilling

There appear to be two non-drilling methods for mounting a CB antenna. A plate is used to secure the antenna to a car’s steel frame inside the case of the initial kind, which is a magnetically mounted antenna. If you don’t have the necessary equipment or know where to search, it could be difficult to find the right components, but this approach is ideal for individuals who prefer not to harm their automobile.

The second alternative is to mount an antenna to the car’s rear or windscreen. Since all you require is some super glue as well as some expertise, using this approach is far easier than buying a magnetic installation antenna kit!

Let’s examine both carefully.

How To Mount A CB Antenna Without Drilling

How to Mount a Magnetic Mount CB Antenna

The best approach to install a CB antenna without drilling is with a magnetic installation antenna. The bottom of a magnet mounting antenna has a magnet that adheres to a metallic surface. Any metal surface, like the bonnet of a car or truck, is suitable for mounting the antenna.

Because no drilling is required, you may rapidly transfer your CB antenna from one car to the next without purchasing new gear each time.

Putting the Coax Cable in Place

The coax cable that joins the antennae and the CB radio appears black. It’s a standard RG-58 cable that is user-friendly and adaptable. The wire ought to be lengthy enough to pass through a truck or car cab; an extra 3′ extended line may well be included if needed.

Strip the rubber bumper from the product’s bottom before connecting the coax wire. When utilizing the radio, that little piece of rubber rests atop the magnet.

Thread the coax cable through the base’s center hole until it is approximately 3/4 inch from the point it comes from the rear of the base. Once it’s passed thru and come from the other end, push hard.

This might take some effort based on how quickly your coax travels thru these objects, such as foam, metals, and plastics. Once the cable has exited the rear of the base, cut off any extra length with cutters so that no more than half an inch remains.

Choose the Perfect Spot for the Antenna

For optimal reception, the antenna’s location is crucial. However, if you’re concerned that they may dislodge, you may opt to use sticky tapes or the other attaching technique. Most antennas contain powerful magnets which will keep them in place if you hang them from the surface of the metal, like the doors or walls.

Choosing a decent position for the CB antenna is the most important step in putting it. Find a site that is up high, yet not so high that it appears out of place and uncomfortable.

For instance, some automobiles have roof-mounted antennas. If you own a vehicle and the rooftop rack is high sufficiently, this will work wonderfully. However, if you drive a normal cab truck and SUV, it won’t work since there isn’t a sufficient area for antennae on the roof of the vehicle.

The car’s trunk or cab are other possible locations to mount the CB antenna. If you do not wish to drill a hole in the car or spend money on a mount point that is particularly created for the make, type, and year of your vehicle, this may be your sole alternative if your car has no roof rack.

If you’re going to all this trouble and expense to avoid paying money for a custom attach point by holes drilled into the car, think about buying a portable magnet base.

Glass Mount cb Antenna Without Drilling

If the car doesn’t already have one, instead of drilling holes inside the front or body, think about attaching the antenna utilizing glass. On trucks, the windshield mount antenna performs admirably. Your field of vision won’t be obstructed by the glass mount antennas’ tiny, compact design.

It is easy to remove from the car because of the vacuum cup that holds it to the windscreen. If you’re looking for a discreet, compact antenna for your car, this CB antenna style is an excellent choice.

Antenna Wires

If you already have a CB radio and want to add one, you need to attach a power line to the glass-mounted CB antenna. The method that is most frequently used is to cut the power line of the CB radio, take off the protective jacket, and attach the remaining end directly to the antenna base.

This should typically function just fine unless you use a long extension cable to link the radio and antenna. If so, using this approach can result in interference or static coming from the speakers.

One power plug can be added to the existing power cord as an option. By doing this, any interference issues with the device while using an extension cable of any length will be avoided. These may be purchased online or at any neighborhood electronics retailer.

Mount the Antenna

The length between both the roof of your car and the location where you wish to put the antenna must first be measured. The ideal range for this distance is often between 6′′ and 8′′.

Next, you need one suction cup that perfectly fits the antenna. All those are accessible online or at the majority of hardware stores. Choose the size that best fits your antenna as they are available in a variety of sizes!

After wiping, attach the vacuum cup to the vehicle or car’s roof. Put the opposite end of a vacuum cup to an antenna once it is firmly secured. Consider adding an extra coat of silicone to the borders where the automobile and antenna join if there is air leakage, such as inside walls, to improve the seal when pulled together tightly enough to obtain a suitable fit without needing to make a hole inside any neighboring surfaces.

Coaxial Cable Connection

You may attach the coaxial to the amplifier by attaching one end of each cable per each terminal after installing the antenna. Typically, black links with black & red connect with red. The antenna wire should then be plugged into the amplifier’s rear and locked in place by rotating counterclockwise until it is unable to spin anymore.

Check to see that the antenna mounting is stable before attaching the coaxial connection. You might want to spend some time using a screwdriver to correct the antenna installation if you see any movement. Just connect the coaxial cables to the radio on one side and the antenna mounts on the other when you are certain that everything is in place and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you don’t ground a CB antenna?

For your antenna to work effectively, your antenna mount has to be properly grounded. Without a good foundation, you’ll inevitably experience high SWR levels and terrible performance.

What is the best way to mount a CB antenna?

The middle of the roof, where you’ll have the most ground plane coverage, is the optimal location for your basic antenna. You will have a lesser signal radiating out from the vehicle if you mount a CB antenna just on a bumper, fender, or any other edge of the car.

Can a CB antenna be mounted inside?

It will function in the cab, but it will somewhat reduce your range. However, you’ll still have plenty of room for the trails.


You can attach a CB antenna by not drilling any holes. This can be accomplished using either a magnet mounting or a trunk top mounting. The magnet mount is made comprised of a small steel plate that is attached to the antenna as well as a magnet that is attached to the car. 

An iron plate-attached strap that encases the hatchback roof serves as the trunk lid mounting. A permanent magnet is electromagnetic that makes a magnetic field. This can be created using strong neodymium magnets. To attach the metal plate to the automobile, drill a tiny hole in it, then put the magnet. It’s that easy!

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