How to Change Light Bulbs in a Stairwell?

When your stairwell light bulb burns out, you need to buy another one and replace it immediately. But sometimes, many people have trouble changing light bulbs in a stairwell. Being in the entire darkness is not only disorienting but also dangerous.

However, changing a light bulb in a stairwell can appear easy, but you may suffer hassles when you don’t consider some essential things. So, I’m here to discuss changing light bulbs in a stairwell briefly. After reading the article, you can change your light bulbs very well.

How to Change Light Bulbs in a Stairwell

What is the Best Way to Change Stairwell Light Bulbs?

There are some risks, including falls and electrical shock, when changing light bulbs in a stairwell. You must be aware of these risks while changing them. Following some simple steps, you can conveniently change your light bulbs in a stairwell, even without others’ help. Let’s see the details.

Step 1. Unscrew Your Bulb

When changing the light bulb in the stairwell, the first task is to unscrew the old light bulb. In this stage, you must be careful not to touch the glass of your light bulbs with your bare hands. Otherwise, it may cause the bulb to break. It will be better to use a ladder to reach the light bulb.

Step 2. Remove the Shade/Glass Globe

Most light bulbs have fixtures by one or two means to keep them secured. However, the fixture is generally a glass globe that screws onto the top portion of the light bulb. Moreover, it can be a shade held in place by a series of clips. You need to press the clips or loosen the screws and pull the shade or globe off the light bulb to remove the shade or glass globe. Here you should be careful not to touch your light bulb with bare hands. Because oil from your hands can cause your light bulb to overheat.

Step 3. Disconnect Your Light Bulb

However,  the task is to disconnect your light bulb from the electrical socket. You need to grasp the light bulb at the base. It indicates the part that screws into the socket. Then twist it counterclockwise until the part comes loose. However, some light bulbs have a tab depressed to release the light bulbs from the electrical socket.

Step 4. Remove Your Old Light Bulb

It is essential to remove your old light bulb from the fixture carefully. You need to be careful not to touch the light bulb’s glass by hand because there may have some screws holding the light bulb in place. Moreover, you need to clean the glass before replacing the light bulb.

Step 5. Install Your New Light Bulb:

Once you have removed your old light bulb, it is time to install your new light bulb. So, put the new one into the fixture. After that, screw the light bulb in place. Once your new light bulb is set, it is possible to connect the wires. Then screw the cap back on.

Step 6. Replace the Glass Globe

You will need to replace the glass globe before turning it back on. So, first, you need to remove the old glass globe by unscrewing it from its fixture. Moreover, screw your new globe into place. However, you should screw the new globe tightly so it cannot come loose and fall.

Step 7. Test Your New Light Bulb

Once screwing the new light bulb is in place, it is essential to test the new one to ensure it works well. So, turn the power to its fixture and flip the bulb’s switch. However, check the connections if your new light bulb does not come on. If you cannot find any way after checking the connection, you may better replace the light bulb again.

Bonus Tips

However, you need to consider some matters to implement the entire task effectively. Otherwise, you may face any unwanted situation. So, it is very important to always unplug your light fixture before changing the light bulb in the stairwell. Moreover, a ladder can make your task very simple and easy. So, use a ladder to reach the light bulb.

Additionally, you need to be very careful not to touch the glass of your bulb with your bare hand. Since your skin has oils that can cause the light bulb to overheat. Moreover, if you have touched the glass of your light bulb, then clean it with a soft and clean cloth before replacing it.

Besides, you need to make t the clips or screws are secured before replacing the shade or glass globe. Furthermore, it is essential to test the new light bulb. To turn on the power to the fixture, you have to flip the switch. If the light bulb responds perfectly, then understand that you did the entire task perfectly. But if any issue arises, replace the light bulb by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need an Electrician to Change My Light Bulbs?

Basically, it is a very easy and straightforward task to change the old light bulb and replace a new one. By following some steps and tips, you can conveniently do the work. But if you are worried about changing the light bulb, you may need a skilled tradesman’s help. He can easily replace the light within less time. Sometimes there is a large or more complicated fixture, so you need a licensed electrician to change the light bulb.

What is Staircase Light Bulb Connection?

A staircase multiway or wiring switching, or two-way light switch wiring, is a connection people use to control a load from two or different positions. It is very popular for people to control the load from different positions. This connection can be above or below your staircase.

How Can I Change My Light Bulb in a High Place?

If you need to change a light bulb in a high place, you must use a tall ladder. But make sure that someone is holding the ladder from below. If you are afraid of heights, then you should implement the task by others.


After reading the article, I hope you can easily change your light bulb in the stairwell. There is no need to get the help of others. But if it is necessary to use a ladder, you should give the help of a person who can hold the ladder. It will make things safe. Moreover, before changing the light bulb, you must ensure it has enough time to cool. Don’t forget that It is very unsafe to work near a stairwell. So, when you change a light bulb, you must take more caution. Never try to change the light bulb with your bear hand.

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