How To Change A Light Bulb In A Stairwell

Changing a light bulb is quite an easy task, but if you have to do it on a stairwell it can be a matter of risk. Because it’s not easy to find plain ground on the stairwell and the ceiling is quite high. So, the query should be about how to change a bulb on a stairwell safely.

How To Change A Light Bulb In A Stairwell

Normally, to change a bulb in any place you take a stepladder and set it underneath the bulb holder. But in the case of stairwells, there isn’t always space to set a stepladder stiffly. Again even if you can set the ladder sometimes you can’t reach the bulb holder by climbing on it. In such a situation you’ll need some innovative and helpful ideas to complete the task.

How To Change A Light Bulb In A Stairwell

On maximum stairways, there are no windows or ventilators to pass natural light. Although there are windows they can give only daylight. So, you’ll have to set bulbs for lights at night. Also, your old bulb can be out of order and you can require changing it. If you can do the job step by step it’ll be easy for you to comprehend. Also, you’ll need some items to do it.

Necessary Items

  • A new bulb
  • A stepladder
  • A telescoping reacher grabber
  • A clean cloth
  • Goggles
  • Rubber gloves

Step 1: Get the Stepladder

The first instinct that comes to our mind for changing a light bulb is to get the stepladder. But the stepladder that’s used in households is no taller than 20 feet. So it might or might not reach the vault of the bulb. But if it reaches the vault then you have to make sure it’s standing secure on the ground. In this case, maybe you won’t need the telescoping reacher grabber.

But if you can’t set the ladder, then don’t worry. You can use the grabber to grab and change the bulbs. And if you can’t reach the bulb even after standing on the ladder then you’ve to use the grabber while standing on it.

Step 3: Turn Off Power

Once the medium of accessing the bulb is fixed turn off the main switch of the stairwell. As a result, you’ll be safe from any electrical mishap. But to be extra careful you should wear rubber gloves on hand.

Step 4: Take Out The Old Bulb

Before doing it wear goggles on your eyes because there is a good chance of getting dust in your eyes. Now you have to grab the old bulb by your hand or the telescoping reacher grabber. After grabbing you have to rotate it counter-clockwise. Remember to not grab the bulb too strongly or it’ll break. Later, keep rotating the bulb till it comes off, and place the bulb in a safe place.

Step 5: Clean The Bulb Holder

Next, grab a clean cloth or towel and rub off the vault of the bulb to clean the place. As you’ll have very less opportunities to clean it so you must do it. Moreover, cleaning off the bulb holder will make putting the new bulb easy.

Step 6: Mount The New Bulb

While getting the new bulb you should make sure the bulb is compatible with the wattage and voltage of the line. Or else, the bulb can blast or damage the line and can’t give the necessary service. So get the right bulb and place it on the holder. Then you need to rotate it clockwise a few times to secure it in its place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Change A Light bulb In A High Ceiling?

For changing a light bulb on a high ceiling you have to use a ladder or telescoping reacher grabber or both. It’s up to the height of the ceiling and your comfort. If the height is more than the reaching level of the ladder or grabber then you need to use both of the items. But if you can reach the light by using one of the things you can do it.

How To Change A Stair Light?

Changing a stair light is the same as changing any other light except it’s in a higher position. That’s why you can feel confused about how to reach it. You can reach it using a ladder and telescoping reacher grabber. After that, all you have to do is take out the old bulb and put on the new one.

How Do I Change Light Bulb Without A Ladder?

You can change a light bulb without a ladder using a grabber. The grabbers are known as telescoping reacher grabbers. You can grab things using these. The length and grip of the grabber can be controlled by its handle.

How To Change A Light Bulb In A Landing?

To change a light bulb on a landing you’ll need a ladder, grabber, rubber glove, and a new bulb. You have to climb up the ladder and then take the old bulb out and set the new bulb in. you can clean the bulb holder between taking it out and putting the bulb in.


In modern times we are dependent on lifts and escalators more than stairs. Yet in the case of any emergency, we need to use stairs. Because of this, you can’t ignore the maintenance of the stairway. Because if it doesn’t have enough space, light, and air people can face trouble while using it.

In an emergency situation, if you need to evacuate a building you have to depend on the stairways. And no one would want to fall in an accident in such an environment. For this reason, you have to check the stairwells regularly and maintain them.

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