Can You Put A Regular Light Bulb In A Bathroom Heat Lamp? Is It Safe to Replace?

The purpose of a bathroom heat lamp is to maintain a warm environment with producing light. Which is very comfortable in the winter but, in the summer you may not require heat. Also, you can’t change the lamp of your bathroom every summer and winter. In such a case, you can put a regular light bulb in your bathroom heat lamp.

Can You Put A Regular Light Bulb In A Bathroom Heat Lamp

Though there are some things you need to keep in mind. Such as, the regular bulb must have the right wattage, voltage, and socket following the heat lamp. Still, how safe is it to put regular light bulbs in a heat lamp?

Can You Put A Regular Light Bulb In A Bathroom Heat Lamp?

In the winter the temperature of a bathroom falls lower than in any other place. Again, cleaning the bathroom is tough in winter. A cold bathroom can spread germs and viruses, which can cause diseases. That’s why a heat lamp is used in a bathroom to keep the environment heated and lighted.

Although this isn’t needed in summer, so many put the heat lamp away from the bathroom. But if you don’t want to change or replace the fixture, you can put a regular light bulb in the lamp. Thus, the light bulb will produce light only the lamp won’t work as a heat lamp anymore.

Can A Regular Light Bulb Produce Heat In A Bathroom Heat Lamp?

A regular light bulb can produce a little heat while it’s lit. But if you use an LED or fluorescent bulb then the lamp won’t generate any heat. Which is perfect for hot weather, but you need to make sure that the bulb has the correct wattage, voltage, and base. These are the things that ensure the electric fixture’s safety. So, you need to be careful about it.

On the contrary in cool weather, using a light bulb in a bathroom heat lamp can be proven unhealthy. Because heat kills many types of molds and mildews, so lack of heat in the bathroom in winter will help to produce them and infect anyone using the bathroom.

LED or Fluorescent Bulb In A Bathroom Heat Lamp

Both LED and fluorescent bulbs are cool and energy-efficient, which means they don’t take energy from outside to cool down. Thus LEDs produce light and keep themselves cool by using an internal fin. Whereas fluorescent bulbs generate light using a particle called fluorescence, and no heat is generated at all.

Is A Regular Light Bulb Risky For A Bathroom Heat Lamp?

Yes, a regular light bulb is risky for a bathroom heat lamp if the wattage, voltage, and base don’t match. So before putting the bulb in the lamp read the manufacturer’s details and know about each of their base, wattage, and voltage. If they match then you can put them together.

Wattage is the amount of power or energy used by any electric device. While less wattage of any device can compromise its quality, higher wattage can damage the device permanently. The same goes for any electronics voltage supply, more or less voltage than required can damage its quality and performance. Again, if the base doesn’t match between two devices they won’t fit with each other let alone produce light.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Bulb Goes In A Heat Lamp?

Heat lamps are designed to use an incandescent bulb to produce as much heat as possible. These bulbs are available in both red and white color light. They produce heat through infrared radiation, so the generated color of the light is red. But many don’t like the red color so white is produced by filtering.

Can I Use A Regular Light Bulb As A Heat Lamp For A Snake?

The regular light bulbs produce very little heat, this heat can or can’t be enough for your pet snake. You need to find out the temperature your snake needs according to its species. Then you can measure the heat a light bulb generates, if both the temperatures match then you can use the bulb. Or else, you have to look for other bulbs.

What Type Of Bulb Is A Bathroom Heater?

Any infrared or incandescent bulb can be used as a bathroom heater bulb. These bulbs produce heat through radiation and also generate light. Nowadays, these bulbs are available in various lights with whites.

Can I Use Any Light Bulb In Bathroom?

Yes, you can use any light bulb in your bathroom. Generally, a 60-watt bulb is enough for the lighting of a bathroom. You can change the wattage for larger bathrooms. In case you don’t want to generate any type of heat, you can go for LED or fluorescent bulbs.


Using a heat lamp is a cost-effective way of producing heat and light. As it can produce both energies at a time, using the same resource. Though, in scorching summer the heat can be unendurable. In that time you can replace the bulb instead of the whole lamp. Though you have to ensure that, the bulb matches the base or socket, voltage, and wattage of the lamp.

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