How To Identify a Stiffel Lamp? Things You Should Know Thoroughly

The unique foil signature may be seen on either the lamp base or the lampshade of a Stiffel lamp, making it the simplest method to identify a Stiffel light. Unfortunately, it is uncommon for these foil signatures to get detached, making it difficult to determine whether or not a lamp is a genuine Stiffel. You may check the inside of the lamp for a maker’s mark that says “Stiffel Light Company” or “SLC” by unscrewing the lamp’s base and looking inside. 

How To Identify a Stiffel Lamp

If you cannot locate any distinguishing signs or labels, you will need to get acquainted with the general look of Stiffel lights, and the materials often used to construct them. The book “Antique Lamp Buyer’s Guide: Identifying Late 19th and Early 20th Century American Lighting,” written by Nadja Maril, is a lamp purchasing guide that could be of some use.

How To Identify a Stiffel Lamp – Observing Through Appearance

The light switch is an obvious telltale sign that the lamp in question is an older-style Stiffel floor lamp. This Stiffel patented design was manufactured on his pole lights beginning in the 1940s and continuing until he lost the right to utilize his invention due to a Supreme Court lawsuit in 1964. The pole lamps were equipped with the Stiffel switch. 

To turn the light on or off, you must first grip the controller and then gently pull down on the pole’s shaft. This action activates the switch. Most of Stiffel’s lamps have a slender, sculpted, and well-balanced look. However, a handful of his lamps follow the bulkier Gothic forms that were popular during the 1930s.

Within the Cover

Inside the shade is still another potential location for stumbling over a marker. The word “Stiffel” or “Stiffel Lamp Business” was often printed on a tiny foil decal and adhered to the interior of the lampshade by the Stiffel company. If the decal is original to the lamp, it may be found there. Check the light socket for the foil decal if you can’t locate it anywhere else on the lamp—either on the shade or on the bottom. Silk shantung from China was used to produce many initial shades for Stiffel lamps, a material that other lamp makers did not often use at the time.

An Indication at the Base

Stiffel lamps often have a foil signature decal on the bottom of their base, which may be made of metal or high-quality wood. Look for the words “Stiffel Lamp Company,” “SLC,” or “Stiffel” engraved into the bottom of the lamp’s base or on the decal that accompanies it. Unscrew the lamp base from the light fixture, remove the felt cover, and look for information within the lamp base if the lamp base has a cover made of felt that fits over an open region.

Stiffel Lamp Materials

Even if no marks are present, additional clues may point to the fact that the light in question is a Stiffel. Because of the materials’ quality and the precision with which they are weighted. Stiffel lights tend to be heavier than imitations of them. Pewter, bronze, brass, and silver are some of the metals that are used. Various finishes are available, such as antique, burnished, and aged brass; polished nickel; silver; or a mix of polished nickel and black. 

A few available table lamps had finishes that resembled smoked umber, were fashioned from Roman bronze, or were gunmetal gray. When their shades are connected, the Stiffel table lamps reach a height of at least 30 inches. If the lamp feels heavy when you raise it, there is a strong possibility that it is a Stiffel. This is particularly true if it has design aspects similar to photographs of Stiffel lamps that can be seen online.

What Are Stiffel Lamps Worth?

Many elements determine the value of vintage Stiffel lamps or one light. Age? If Tommi Parzinger had created it during the Mid-Century Modern period, it would be worth more than other Stiffel Lamps. says vintage Stiffel lamps seldom sell at auction for $100 to $500. Not bad for a lifetime, but if you want to become wealthy, go elsewhere.

They say A pair of 1960s Stiffel table lamps created by Tommi Parzinger sold for $2,500 on June 12 at Rago Arts and Auction Center in Lambertville, New Jersey. 

Here’s a checklist to help you decide whether looking for antique Stiffel lamps is worth it.

  • Model Condition
  • Engravings, marks, or stamps on Stiffel Lamps
  • Production?
  • What’s available? Do all the components function, and are they original?
  • Have you had it evaluated or insured?
  • How old it is?
  • Is it unique?

Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs 

How Do I Find What Lamp I have?

Scratch the bottom of the lamp surface with a very fine-toothed comb in order to identify the sort of material that the lamp is constructed from. There are lights that could give the impression of being made of metal, but closer inspection reveals that they are really only painted to look and feel like metal. Pinch the lampshade between your thumb and index finger to conduct a thorough inspection of it.

Are Stiffel Lamps Out Of Style?

Whether you pick a vintage or “Stiffel-inspired” lamp, it will bring depth, quality, and character to your home decor. Since they’re no longer made, an original Stiffel light will increase in value. The lamp has beautiful artistry and design that you and your family may enjoy for many years.

How Much Do Stiffel Lamps Weigh?

Antique wattage 150 Stiffel TL-A589-A792-AB weighs 4 pounds.


You may have reached our site by searching for Stiffel Lamp repair tips. Whether you have Stiffel Table Lamp Sets or Stiffel Floor Lamps, every home can use more beauty and quality. We hope you learned something about Stiffel Lampshades, how to value vintage Stiffel Lamps, or a new kind of Stiffel Table Lamp.

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