Heat Lamp vs Space Heater | Which One?

If you aren’t aware of the most effective approach to maintaining your body temperature, it may be challenging, expensive, and wasteful to do so. Over fifty percent of the typical American household’s monthly energy bill goes toward the cost of heating and cooling the home. This statistic only applies to the United States of America. 

Heat Lamp vs Space Heater

However, when you reside in an area that is prone to having harsh winters, this cost is something that is inescapable. Therefore, the issue that has to be answered is this: Is there a method that is both efficient and cost-effective for heating your home?

Heat Lamps: Are They Effective?

You are aware that heat lamps may function as sources of both light and heat. But do you know when, how, and when to utilize them in your house so that they are most effective and efficient? Get something warm to drink, wrap yourself in a warm blanket, and research heat lamps that you may use in your house.

In a strict sense, heat lamps are light fixtures that may emit either infrared or incandescent light and are capable of performing two or three distinct functions simultaneously. Even though their primary objective is to provide a significant amount of heat, they also produce light.

Infrared lights emit heat immediately and are often included in heat lamps with halogen bulbs, which serve as the primary illumination source. In certain cases, furthermore, they have an exhaust fan that provides high airflow extraction. The most recent versions now come equipped with LED lights, which use far less power than traditional bulbs and are thus more cost-effective over time.

Heat lamps are energy-and money-saving alternatives to bar warmers since, on average, they use less power to operate. They are often used in areas like showers and bathrooms, which are typically the areas of the home that have the lowest temperatures. Heat lamps produce rapid radiant heat when used for shorter periods and are relatively cost-effective.

Certain types of heat lamps may be used in the kitchen to maintain food at an appropriate temperature (usually for commercial applications). However, due to the substantial amount of energy they use, we only propose utilizing heat lamps for relatively modest locations that need both lighting and warmth. Another fascinating piece of information is that individuals often use heat lamps for therapeutic reasons. Although spending time in the sunlight might be relaxing, it is important to remember that overexposure to the sun can be dangerous.

Are Heat Lamps Safer Than Space Heaters?

According to the CPSC, space heaters cause more than 1,000 house fires a year. According to the National Fire Protection Association, space heaters cause 43% of home heating-related fires and 85% of the linked fatalities. Despite these grim statistics, contemporary space heaters are substantially safer. Linda Hotz, category director for the De’Longhi Home Comfort team, grew up with open-element electric heaters. “Today’s heaters are 100 times better but still include a heating element, so they’re not as safe as an air purifier.” 

Most home space heaters available today (including our recommendations) must be authorized by an independent safety testing lab like Intertek (whose certification typically appears as an “ETL” seal on the device) or UL. These groups guarantee heaters have safety measures like a thermal shutdown that eliminates electricity when the heater becomes too hot.

Putting your space heater where it blasts in your face might be tempting. Space heaters should only be used when lying flat on the floor. Please don’t put it on a shelf, stool, or basement workbench. Don’t place it on your bed with combustible materials and feathery stuffing. If possible, avoid the carpets.

Heat Lamp vs Space Heater – What Uses More Electricity?

The simple answer is that it is contingent upon the proportion of your home you choose to heat. Generally, space heaters will use less energy than heat lamps if you need to warm one or two rooms in your home. (Except if your central heating system is very energy-efficient. I’m looking at you, geothermal users.) 

However, according to Tom Simchak, a senior policy-research associate at the Alliance to Save Energy, tiny space heaters will never be as efficient as a heat lamp in terms of the amount of energy required to produce the same amount of heat. 

There are very few scenarios where installing space heaters in every room and activating all of them would be more cost-effective than using a heat lamp that is generally up-to-date and in good working order. Be careful to get the appropriate space heater if you decide to go that route. Choose a radiant heater if you want to heat a portion of a room since they produce infrared radiation that warms the objects in the area nearest to the unit (i.e., you, your desk, etc.). 

According to recommendations by the United States Department of Energy, selecting a convection heater, which heats the air rather than the surface of the object being heated, is the best way to heat a whole area. Both radiant and convection heaters may cost anywhere from around $30 to $130, which is a similar price range for both types.

Some versions use less energy than others; an Eco-Heater, for example, uses just 400 watts, although most convection heaters consume 1500 watts. Although evaluations by a few experts are mixed, it is one of the models that consume the least amount of energy. Because heaters designed to warm more extensive areas often use more fuel, if the space you need to warm is relatively tiny, you may get away with using a far less powerful model. (The estimated range of the heater is often printed on the packaging.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a Heat Lamp Heat a Small Room?

Heat lamps use less power than bar warmers, making them a more cost-effective choice. This kind of heater is most often seen in bathrooms and showers since they tend to be among the coldest spots in a home.

Best Room Heater?

Infrared heaters are energy-efficient. Infrared beams heat just what they contact, like sun rays. Security: overheat/tip-over shutdown. 1000/1500 w.

Do Heat Lamps Give Off Heat?

The answer to this question is “yes.” An example of can a heat lamp be used to warm a room? An incandescent light bulb, known as a “heat lamp,” generates heat as its principal function. They are available in a wide range of wattages, voltages, and sizes.


In places with harsh winters and colder climates, heating is a must. Even though it can be hard to save money on heating and electricity, you can find a way to heat the home that works best for you and your needs. Depending on how big or small your space is, you can choose to heat it with a heat lamp, a space heater, or even a mix of both.

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