Is It Safe To Leave A Reptile Heat Lamp On All Day?

Reptiles can live on both land and water, according to their body’s necessities. It depends on if their body is hot or cold. Accordingly, they move to a cold area or a hot area. When they require heat they come to the land and in need of cold, they move to water. In the open nature they can go anywhere they need to survive. But in a different environment, they need supervision and care to survive.

Is It Safe To Leave A Reptile Heat Lamp On All Day

A heat lamp produces heat along with light in the most cost-saving way. It is no different from a regular lamp in any other aspect except in producing heat. All the bulbs produce heat more or less, but a heat lamp is made to produce more heat. So, the lamp possesses the same risk as a regular lamp if kept on all day. But is the reptile safe if you keep the heat lamp on all day?

Can You Leave A Reptile Heat Lamp On For 24/7? Is it Safe?

If you’re planning to get a reptile to pet or farm it’s better to research it beforehand. Because reptiles depend on nature completely. Their habitat is hard to create in an artificial environment. Not impossible though, if you gather all the information about the reptile and follow it. Such as their eating habit, temperature range, surrounding, etc.

You can keep the heat lamp on all day in your reptiles room. There is a very less chance of leading that to any unwanted situation. But you need to know first if your reptile needs it or not. Because out in nature at night when the sun goes down temperature falls and all animals spend the night like that.

Is It Safe To Leave A Reptile Heat Lamp On All Day – How To Use the Heat Lamp

You need to create a room for your reptile. The room should be spacious enough for it. You have to set the heat lamp on one side of the wide room. So that it can heat one place of the room and another side of the room stay unaffected. In this way, the reptile can move in the room according to the heat it needs.

At the time of setting the heat lamp, you must know the temperature it can provide. Also, you need to know the best temp for the reptile. Not all reptiles require the same temperature, but it’s around 70 to 80 degrees F. So the heat lamp should provide the same temp to keep it healthy.

Now to maintain the temperature of the reptile’s habitat, you may think that the lamp has to be kept on all the time. But you should keep it off at night if there is no special situation there. Because the sun is nature’s only heat lamp and at night when the sun goes down reptiles stay on the cold earth. Most of them come out of the water at night and sleep on the land.

Though in special situations like the reptile is sick or you’re not going to stay at the house, you can leave the heat lamp on. However, it’s better to consult with a veteran in such a situation and get a chart of the all-day temperature.

How Does A Heat Lamp Function?

Heat lamps are used in the shower, bathroom, reptile room, and kitchen to keep the food warm for commercial purposes. They work as any regular bulb but with infrared radiation. Thus it can produce more heat than other bulbs. It is very cost friendly to use because you can get both heat and light at the cost of only light.

Yet the heat lamp has a disadvantage. As it works with infrared radiation it can create fire easily. The lamp itself isn’t flammable but any flammable object can instigate fire. So you have to be careful about this.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can I Leave A Reptile Heat Lamp On?

The average standard time for reptiles on a heat lamp is 12 hours. It can vary for your reptile, but the time is between 8-12 hours. It’s best if you research that particular animal’s heat requirement. But in general, a heat lamp should be on for 12 hours and then off for another 12 hours.

Can Reptile Heat Lamps Cause Fires?

The reptile heat lamp produces infrared radiation to provide heat. But infrared radiation can cause fire easily if it comes in contact with any flammable item. Thus you need to remove any flammable item from the room that has a heat lamp. Also, you can’t leave the room and lamp unchecked to avoid a fire hazard.


In the end, you must know that not all reptiles are the same. Their eating habit and environment of habitat can be very different from species to species. A lizard is different from a snake though they both are reptiles. Again, there is a variety of snakes and they differ from each other in many aspects.

So, looking after a reptile isn’t an easy task, you need to do research and use that information to take care of it. No information is unimportant and no details can be ignored if you want to breed or pet reptiles. You should make a glass room for the reptile so that you can check and monitor it.

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