Why Does My Heat Lamp Keep Burning Out? Is It Expire?

Heat lamps are used in various environments to keep the place warm and fresh. Such as, in the kitchen, dining room, or serving table to keep the food warm. The heat lamp is used in bathrooms too to keep the space warm and clean. But sometimes the lamps burn out, why?

Why Does My Heat Lamp Keep Burning Out

Heat lamps are a cost-saving way of providing light and heat at the same time. It saves time, energy, and resources. Though for a heat lamp you need to get a heat bulb and the bulb should be correct for the lamp and set correctly. There can be many reasons behind the lamp burning out but most of the time the reason is the bulb.

Why Does My Heat Lamp Keep Burning Out – How to Fix

Generally, the lifespan of a heat bulb or incandescent bulb is 1000 to 3000 hours. It varies from brand to brand. If your incandescent bulb is burning out before 1000 hours again and again then you can try to change the brand of the bulb. Make sure the wattage, voltage, and base of the bulb match the lamp’s requirement.

If the problem doesn’t lie in the bulb then the problem can be with the lamp itself, or in the connections. The connection can be between the lamp and bulb, or the lamp and electric wire. To find out where the problem lies you need to check out all possibilities.

Lamp Bulb Connection

The heat lamp connects to the bulb through the socket. While installing the bulb ensure that the socket isn’t too tight or loose. In case you have installed the bulb too tightly the pressure will make it blow out. Though if you’re installing the bulb correctly yet it’s blowing out then the holder has been faulty. You can try fixing or replacing the holder.

Lamp Electric Line Connection

If the bulb keeps blowing out constantly after every few days then at first anyone will assume the problem lies in the bulb. That’s why you need to check the wattage, voltage, and base of the bulb. But even after installing the right bulb in the correct way the problem doesn’t go away then you should try to connect the lamp to a different power point.

Sometimes, the electric lines can get damaged because of continuous use and cause the heat lamp to blow out. In such a case try to change the powerpoint or call on an electrician and change the wires.

Internal Wires Of The Lamp

If the heat lamp has the bulb of its capacity, the electric line, socket, holder, and installation everything is okay. And even after that, the lamp keeps blowing out then the problem lies within the lamp. The internal wires or devices of the lamp are damaged in some way and this is causing the bowl outs. The internal parts can be damaged by falling off or while fixing the fixture.

In this case, you should give up on this fixture and get a new one. Because you can’t fix the lamp if it’s damaged internally. Even if you fix it you’ll keep facing malfunctions of the heat lamp. So to avoid problems you should throw the lamp away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Heat Lamp Keep Blowing?

Repetitive fluctuation of the lamp creates excessive heat in the bulb of the heat lamp. This overflow of heat and current can cause a blowout. There can be also other reasons like wrong installation, poor connection, and damaged parts of the lamp.

How Long Do Heat Lamps Last?

A heat lamp lasts 6 months to 1 year. If you can take good care of it, it can last more than 1 year. But if your heat lamp doesn’t last more than 6 months then there might be some problem with the bulb or wire of the lamp.

How To Stop A Heat Lamp From Burning?

While the heat lamp is on don’t clean or move it. Turn it off, take out the cord, and keep it safe while moving or cleaning the heat lamp. You have to be careful while changing the bulb too. Don’t tighten the socket or holder too much at the time of installation.

Why Does My Reptile Light Keep Burning Out?

Excessive light or heat can cause this. The reason behind the excess heat can be you’re using the wrong or bigger bulb. If this accident is happening repeatedly you should check the ventilation system too.


Burning out of a heat lamp from time to time isn’t a matter you can avoid. If you don’t have the time to check and resolve the matter then you should stop using the heat lamp for the time being. Though it’s better to check it as soon as possible. Or else, a fire accident can happen while using the faulty fixture.

Sometimes a problematic ventilation system can be the reason behind this. If the heat generated through the lamp keeps gathering in the space, the temperature will rise to create pressure on the bulb. And when the bulb won’t be able to keep up with the heat and pressure it’ll blast. So, you should resolve this sensitive matter as soon as you can.

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