How to Ship a Lamp? Proper Packaging Procedure

Lamps aren’t normally the first thing that comes to mind when considering complex objects to pack while relocating. However, these home essentials provide a lot of challenges for packers: they’re delicate, sometimes contain several components, and are virtually always irregularly shaped. To assist you, we’ve created this straightforward tutorial on transporting lamps, tearing them down section by section so that the light fixtures—and your sanity—arrive intact.

How to Ship a Lamp

How to Ship a Lamp – Steps Showing to Ship a Lamp

Because each lamp part is packed separately, you’ll need to disassemble your lights before packaging.

Begin by disconnecting your lighting from the outlet. Wrap each cable in a twist tie or rubber band and fasten it with a twist tie or elastic band. The light bulbs should then be carefully unscrewed and left aside. You may uninstall the lamp shades once the bulbs have been removed. You can tie the coiled cable to the lamp bottom at this stage, although it’s not essential if it’s already firmly twisted.

If you have screws that held the shade to the foundation, put them in a small plastic baggie and name them so you can find them later.

How to Pack Lamps: Light Bulbs

Pack your light bulb first since we don’t want them to slide about while you’re packing other items. There are two approaches to this:

Wrap each light bulb separately (and gently) in air-filled plastic cushioning. Tape the cushioning so it doesn’t come untied when the lights are placed in a box. Pack all your light bulbs in one box, then cover any gaps with packing paper or extra air-filled plastic cushioning to keep the bulbs from shifting around.

Put up a box with the same dividers you’d use to load glassware in your house. Cover each bulb with a layer of air-filled polyethylene cushioning before packing one per slot into the divider. Before closing the box, place a sheet of air-filled plastic cushioning on top.

Mark the box(es) containing the light bulbs with “fragile” so that you or your movers know to handle them with care.

A word of caution: incandescent light bulbs cannot be delivered because they contain mercury, which is very dangerous if spilled. If you have any incandescent light bulbs, you must safely dispose of them and replace them when moving to your new house.

How to Pack Lamps: Lamp Shades

Next, prepare your light shades, wapping each shade in packaging paper. It’s critical to choose plain packing paper rather than anything having print on it, as ink can readily transfer to the thin cloth of your lamp shades.

Each shade should be shipped separately in its own adequately sized box; however, you may be able to stack a tiny shade inside of a larger one if both are properly wrapped. Fill up the spaces surrounding the shade with more packing paper, air-filled foam cushioning, dish towels, or socks—anything smooth that will keep the shade from moving.

How to Pack Lamps: Bases

The light bases come last. Package each base in packaging paper, then add a sheet of air-filled bubble wrap if it is made of a fragile material such as glass or porcelain. If you use plastic cushioning, make sure to fix it with tape.

In contrast to lamp shades, you could usually get away with packaging many bases in one package. Just don’t put anything on the topmost section of the lamp—the hook, finial, switches, and base; that is, the region where we screw inside the lightbulb and attach the shade—because you don’t want any metal to bend out of shape.

How to Pack Floor Lamps

Cover and pack the bulbs and coverings of floor lamps in the same manner as described before. However, because their bases are unlikely to fit in a container, you’ll need to devise an alternative strategy.

Weak floor lamp bases must be covered in air-filled bubble wrap and sent appropriately. If the foundation is not composed of a fragile substance, you should be alright moving it in its current state. However, avoid placing anything substantial on the truck’s foundation.

Additional Lamp Packing Tips

As you pack up your lamps, here are a few more words of wisdom.

  • Before purchasing boxes, take the following measurements of your lamps: The more correctly sized containers you can get for packaging your lights, the safer they will be. Assess your lamp foundations and shade before ordering boxes to ensure you don’t over- or under-estimate box size.
  • Label as follows: Name your lamp boxes, starting with the one containing the lamp’s base and ending with the one containing the shade. That way, unpacking, you won’t have to hunt around for delicate parts.
  • Unpack your lights as soon as you arrive: Make some point of unloading your lamps as soon as you arrive at your new house. Lamp shades, particularly, are prone to warping if not packaged properly. Hopefully, it won’t be a factor for you (particularly if you followed the methods above! ), but in any case, get things out of the container as soon as possible.

How to Compare the Costs of Shipping Lamps From Trusted Carriers

There are numerous websites where the top carriers start competing for your business. We recommend that you compare the prices and predicted transit times of various carriers. Then you select which carrier will handle your cargo.

The first step is to obtain a free online freight shipment quote.

  • In the quote form, enter the measurements, weight, relevant zip codes, and shipping class (if you know it).
  • You’ll see a selection of qualifying carriers, their quotation, and projected travel time for your package. Select a carrier and reserve your cargo.
  • A courier will go through your cargo and double-check its correctness.
  • Once the delivery is arranged, you’ll get your bill of shipping and accompanying papers.
  • Double confirm that all info is correct.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to pack a lamp for shipping?

The lamp should be placed in the center of the plastic wrap, rolled up, and taped. You can add a layer of plastic wrap for lengthier moves. To secure the lamp’s base, around it with several pieces of tape, then fold the sides of the plastic wrap over.

How to ship a lamp on eBay?

Two double-wall packaging boxes, one for light and another for shade, are required when sending a lamp by package. The rope should be gathered and fastened to the base of the light. Pack the lamp’s components, including the finial and harp, into a compact box after disassembling it.

How is light transported?

The lamp base should be completely wrapped burrito-style using paper cushioning (or Bubble Wrap if the base is made of glass or ceramic). The surplus parts should be packaged in paper. Tape the paper closed after folding it over the lamp’s finial, harp, and other components. Put the lamp’s components in a movable box.


Many organizations can set up affordable and dependable international shipments through their extensive logistics network, whether you are moving house or are a company selling lamps, lampshades, and other fragile household products. In just a few clicks, you can compare shipping costs for lamps, lampshades, or lightbulbs with a local or well-known courier, find out how to pack a lamp for delivery, and choose the best courier service.

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