How To Wire Fog Lights Without A Relay | a Detailed Guide

A relay is put with electric devices to control the high voltage supply and protect the device. Some say it’s a must to set up a relay with high power-consuming products. But it’s not always necessary to use a relay. Moreover, it can slow down the device. So, if you don’t want to use a relay then it’s not an issue. There are alternatives to a relay available in the market.

How To Wire Fog Lights Without A Relay

Fog lights are used in vehicles to see in fog or misty weather. In such weather, driving is risky and hard. You can’t see things from a little distance. But fog light helps to see you and drive safely. But it needs a lot of power to function. That’s why the voltage and wattage of the lights need to be controlled. So if you don’t have a proper relay you need to find something that can maintain the voltage and wattage of the lights.

How To Wire Fog Lights Without Relay

Everything in the universe has advantages and disadvantages of them. A relay isn’t out of it. So far you may have only heard about the advantages of using a relay, but there are some opposite points too. So for giving you a clear picture here is a discussion about the pros and cons of a relay.

Assets Of Using Relay

  1. An electric relay changes the direction of the extra current, this saves energy and makes less usage.
  2. A relay prevents overheating of the lights by reducing temperature.

Liabilities Of Using Relay

  1. The relay is supposed to protect lights from spiking and overheating, but it doesn’t have anything to cover or protect itself. It gets cracks often and gets damaged.
  2. It won’t start to work fast and takes a long time to respond. Which slows down the fog lights.
  3. It can damage the coil which can lead to sparks.

Replacement Of Relay

Supposing you want to install fog lights on your car, you have to make sure that they work properly. Because if the lights don’t work fine then the purpose of getting them is wasted. So to work the fog lights right connect a circuit breaker to the wires of it. This way you can use fog lights without a relay.

The function of a circuit breaker is to break the power connection whenever the power rides. But don’t worry, a circuit breaker doesn’t cut off the connection fully. It can be said that the power connection reconnects when the override finishes.

As you know the purpose of a relay is to protect the lights from the overflow of voltage and wattage. Because this can damage not only the lights but the wires too. If you use the lights without a relay or anything to protect them from high volts run then you’re making a big mistake.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I Connect My Fog Lights To My Headlights?

You can connect your fog lights to your car’s highlight but you can’t use them at the same time. Once you turn on one of the lights the other will automatically turn off. To connect the lights, you have to connect them to the relay circuit.

How Do I Wire Off-road Lights Without A Relay?

You can connect the off-road light directly to the power source or with a converter box. The converter box converts high voltage as it’s needed, using it or not is your choice. Even if you don’t use them there won’t be any problems.

Do I Have To Use A Relay With LED Light Bar?

If you don’t have a relay then you can use the Toggle switch wearing with LED light bars. You have to wire it with PowerPoint.


Whether you have a relay or not you can look for alternatives. There are MOSFETs, Trails, and optocouplers that can be used in place of a relay. But a circuit breaker is the easiest option that you can find around you.

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