2 Amp Vs 5 Amp Light Switch

The amps of a switch indicate the maximum current flow it can carry. So, if there is a marking on your switch saying 2A then it means it can carry 2-ampere flow when it’s on. Therefore, the basic difference between a 2 amp and a 5 amp switch is in their capacity of passing current. Though you’ll be surprised to know that the 2 amp switch is more powerful than the 5 amp one.

2 Amp Vs 5 Amp Light Switch

2 Amp Vs 5 Amp Light Switch | Differences

The function of a switch is to open, close, and control the electric circuit. For that reason when you turn on a switch it opens the electrical circuit and lets the current flow. When you turn a switch off the circuit closes, thus you can control any electronic through a switch.

Now a 2 amp switch is more powerful compared to the 5 amp one. That’s why the 5 amp one can control only one circuit. Because it has one toggle you can add one or more than one devices to the circuit. If you add multiple devices to one circuit then you have to keep in mind that the total volt and amp shouldn’t be more than the power. This can lead to an overflow of current and then to overheating.

On the other hand, the 2 amp switch has two toggles. So you can add multiple devices on multiple circuits. Yet you have to keep in mind the limitation of volt and amp. In these cases, you should depend on experts for safety. It’s better if you count the volts of the outlets. The 2 amp light switch is used in households, as you can see on the wall of your room. You can control the brightness of the fixtures with this too.

However, the 5 amp light switches are used in industrial sectors more. Though it has the same capacity of current flow as the 2 amp switch, it doesn’t have the same flexibility. This is the reason why the 2 amp switch is more powerful and popular. Also, this switch has an inbuilt circuit breaker and actuator bar in it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How Many Amps Should My Light Switch Be?

If you’re living in a residential area in an apartment then you should get a 15 amps light switch. This is the ideal one for residential areas. Also, you can use 2 amp switches for separate outlets.

Can I Use A Higher Amp Switch?

It’s safe to use a higher amp switch because it can continue a higher current flow without breaking the circuit. So you can use a higher amp light switch with ease. It’s not risky at all moreover it’s beneficial for your electronics.

How many Amps Can A Wall Switch Handle?

A wall switch can pull out 15 to 20 amps if the wiring is done in the conventional way. But if the wiring system is different from the general structure then you have to find out it by yourself.

Why Would You Need A 20 Amp Switch?

20 amp switches are the most double pole switches available. You have to use them for high voltage consuming products. Such as a fridge, washing machine, wall heater, shower heater, etc. So, if you have these items you need to connect a 20 amp switch to them.


Calculating the amps and volts of the electronics, switches, and power sources is a hassle. But you have to do it for safety and have to do it carefully. Or else, a miscalculation or just wrong wiring can lead to disaster. That’s why for putting switches or doing any other basic electrical work you should rely on experts.

Though at the question of which switch is better between 2 amp and 5 amp, it depends on your applicated area. The number of outlets and a total of needed amps should help you to choose. Make a decision based on the area of the switch.

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