How To Change Light Bulb In High Stairwell

Nothing lasts forever. Lights are of no difference. And most of the time, when lights are burned out, we change it ourselves. But the hurdle comes when the lights are in the high stairwell or over the ceiling. In that case, most people are afraid of hurting themselves while reaching the ceiling or high stairwell. 

How To Change Light Bulb In High Stairwell

Changing the bulb on your stairs is frightening because of the height that places the bulb out of your reach. But with some tools by hand and some simple techniques, you can overcome the fear of climbing up the ladder and do it without any help.

Necessary Tools For Changing The Light Bulb In High Stairwells

  • A stable ladder to climb up or a chair can help you quickly reach the bulb in the stairwell.
  • Screwdriver to unscrew the casing of the light bulb
  • Have pliers and wrenches with you.

Changing The Light Bulb In High Stairwell- Simple Steps To Follow

Place The Ladder Right Underneath

There are two ways you can access the bulb; from above or below; when the bulb is on the ceiling or in the high stairwell, it’s easier to access from below.

Therefore, place the ladder or the chair right underneath the bulb in the stairwell. Make sure the legs of the ladder are stable on the surface while you climb on it. 

Turn the Electricity Off

Whenever you deal with electricity, make sure you turn the connection off as a precaution for your safety.

Unscrew the Old Light Bulb

To change the light bulb, you will have to remove the old light bulb and its cover without spoiling the socket. Keep a small and soft towel with you to hold the bulb while removing it because the bulb surface remains hot for some time after turning it off. So it’s recommended to have it with a towel or gloves if you don’t want to burn your hand.

Install The New Light Bulb

When you are done removing the old light bulb, now put the new light bulb into the socket. You may need to screw your bulb or press it into the socket. If there is a light cover, carefully install that too in place. You can check the manual with the light bulb to attach the cover for a smooth installation.

Be patient while installing the new bulb. If the bulb requires you to screw it, make sure you take your time to do that with a stable hand. Don’t try to do it with a single hand.

Turn on the Light to Test it

When you have installed the cover, it’s your turn to check your work. First, turn on the light and enjoy. If the light still doesn’t light up, check the electric connection or replace the light again.

And that’s how you can change bulbs on stairs.

Last Minute Note

  • Keep pole hooks with you. This tool will help you to hang your necessary tools on the ladder, ensuring everything is right by your hand.
  • Place something heavy behind the leg of the ladder to make it more stable.
  • Clean the bulb before putting it into the light socket if you hold it with bare hands.
  • Do not ever touch the bulb when your hands are wet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Reach A Stairwell Ceiling?

We always recommend using a ladder for this purpose. Because a ladder can give you stability like any other medium, but if you can’t manage a ladder for the job, use a stool or chair that can hold your weight. Sometimes placing the legs of the chair or ladder on the stairs can be tricky. Make sure the legs are glued to the ground when climbing on it.

When Should I Call A Professional To Change The Bulb Over The Stairs?

It depends. If you are comfortable reaching the ceiling and replacing the bulb, go on. You should not worry if it’s just the bulb. Calling a professional is undoubtedly a better option for any other issues that may require a proper inspection of the electrical line, calling a professional is undoubtedly a better option.

How Do I Change Bulbs In the Stairs?

Locate the bulb on the stairs. If the bulb is over the ceiling of the stairs, then take a ladder to reach the top, unscrew the old bulb and install the new one. But if the lights are located at the side of the stairs, save the ladder for later use. Just replace the bulb.


Changing a light bulb even in a tall stairwell isn’t a big deal if you know how to do it. But the most important thing is knowing what tools you need and the steps to do it. And this article has addressed both.

Make sure you take proper precautions for your safety and keep all the tools in your hands. Then follow the steps one by one to get the job done. Finally, we hope you will be enough to light up your stairs like before.

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