How Many Amps Does A Heat Lamp Use | A Guide to Check Amps

Heat lamps are known for their cost-friendliness, as they save resources and power by producing light and heat at the same time. Sometimes, they are designed to make more heat by cutting down the lighting. But while producing heat with or without light, how many amps does it use?

How Many Amps Does A Heat Lamp Use

In the case of getting a heat lamp for your house, it’s your right to know how much extra you’ll have to pay. As the cost can vary from state to state or country to country, it’ll be ideal for measuring the power the heat lamp consumes.

How Many Amps Does A Heat Lamp Use?

An amp is a base unit for measuring electrical power in the International Systems Of Units. As this unit is used internationally to measure current, we are going to count in this unit. Then, you can quickly know how much an amp costs in your region and sum up the cost.

It’s maybe known to you that the amp is equal to wattage divided by the voltage. So to know the amp your heat lamp uses you need to know the voltage and wattage of the heat bulb, which you can find in the lamp’s packaging.

Now generally, the heat lamps are of 250-watts and require 110 voltages. The wattage and voltage aren’t fixed for every lamp. So you should check your heat lamps and bulbs packaging before calculating the amp. Here is the amp of a 250-watts lamp:

Amp = 250w/110v = 2.27 amps

So now you need to know how much amps cost per hour or day. Once you know the amount you can multiply it with the amp and get the cost you need to pay. For example, if an hour costs $2 then lighting the 250-watts bulb for 2 hours is going to charge you $9.08.

The cost may seem more than any regular bulb but if you consider the heater along with it then you’ll understand that it’s a beneficial deal.

How To Use Heat Lamp Safely?

The filament of the bulb is what makes the heat lamp different from a regular bulb or lamp. The regular bulbs use tungsten filament, whereas the heat lamp’s bulb has an optimized filament made of quartz. Quartz is an electrical insulator so instead, it produces infrared radiation. Infrared radiation results in heating the environment, especially the human body.

Heat lamps are more reasonable than bar heaters in cost and maintenance. The multipurpose use and cost friendliness make it the first choice of consumers. But there are some cautions you need to follow. Such as, you can’t get too close to the light as it can burn your skin.

As the light and heat source doesn’t have a way of being maintained digitally, you have to do it manually. In order to do so, you have to disconnect the lamp’s connection with electricity. Also, a heat lamp can’t provide heat to a spacious room. Which makes it perfect for the bathroom and shower. But to heat large rooms you can’t rely on a heat lamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Amps Does A 250W Heat Lamp Use?

A 250-watt heat lamp uses around 18 amps to function. You can know the usage of amps by dividing the wattage by voltage. To know the wattage and voltage of the lamp you can check its packaging or the manufacturer’s website.

How Many Heat Lamps Can You Have On A 20 Amp Circuit?

To run lamps not only amps are required but you need to know the voltage too. If the circuit of your house is 20 amps 120 volts then you can run 40 lamps on it. The circuit of houses is generally 120 volts. But if the voltage is more than this then the house is commercial. You can run more than 40 lamps. If the volt is 240 then 75 lamps can function.

How Many Amps Does A 300 Watt Lamp Pull?

A 300-watt bulb pulls 2.50 amps at 120V. If the voltage changes the measurement of amps also changes.

How Many Watts Is A Heat Lamp?

Most of the heat lamps are 250 watts. But there are other watts heat lamps, they can change with their size and heat producing power.


A heat lamp costs 3 to 10 USD. The price varies because of the size and model of the lamp. It can cost more or less but it isn’t expensive. You can buy it and use it in your bathroom shower or reptile’s room. You can use it to preserve food too for commercial purposes.

The heat lamp costs less compared to any other heater but gives good service. The only disadvantage you can face of using this lamp is you can’t keep any flammable objects around the lamp. Because it can catch fire because of the infrared radiation. So, to be safe don’t do it.

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