Touch Lamp Turning On And Off By Itself | Is It Flickering?

You can turn on or off your touch lamp just by touching it. It detects changes in capacity on its surface through its sensor and turns on or off the lamp. The lamp casing is energized by a low-current AC signal. Which makes the control sensitive enough to detect minor changes. Sometimes, the lamp can turn on or off even if you don’t touch it. There can be various reasons behind such occurrences.

Touch Lamp Turning On And Off By Itself

Why Touch Lamp Turning On And Off By Itself?

Touch lamps are popular because of their unique feature of turning on and off by touching. Though this feature also brings up troubles with it. As you know the touch lamp’s casing is charged by a low AC. Because of this, it can detect any changes of positive or negative charges in the environment.

Whenever the lamp detects anything charged in the opposite ion of its own, it reacts to it according to its designed feature. To understand the main reason for a touch lamp being turned on and off on its own, you have to understand its function. The explanation can seem like a science lesson to you, but don’t worry it’s interesting.

How A Touch Lamp Functions

If you’re a science lover you may know that everything is charged in the world. All objects and animals including humans have positive and negative charges in their bodies. You may ask then why are we not getting electrified. That is because the charges are balanced to be neutral. Everything is in an almost neutral state balancing the earth to be neutral ultimately.

You may have been confused about the almost neutral term. To understand suppose a pen has 10 cathodes (positive charges) and 11 anodes (negative charges). As the pen has just one extra anode it is in an almost neutral state. Because universally the pen is neutral but actually it’s charged negatively. The human body is also like the pen, universally neutral but individually charged negatively.

Now as the human body is negatively charged, to react to it the lamp is charged positively. So when the lamp detects any negative charges it reacts by turning it on or off. But it can’t differentiate between a human body or any other negatively charged thing. Hence it results in turning on and off by itself.

How To Reset The Touch Lamp

The problem of a touch lamp getting on and off by itself can be solved by resetting the lamp. But before going all the way into it you should check the lamp thoroughly. It can be that the cord, plug, bulb, or PowerPoint is damaged and creating the disturbance. Once you check these then unplug the lamp.

To reset your lamp you have to replace the touch control box. The touch control box of the lamp is set underneath the finial. Its position can differ from model to model but in general, it’s in the same position. By unscrewing the finial reach to the box and replacing it with the manufacturer’s part.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Touch Lamp Keep Going On And Off?

A touch lamp is designed to respond to negative charges (anodes) as it is positively charged by cathodes. So if your lamp is going on and off don’t freak out thinking it’s a ghost. It can be just a change in the ion of the air or any negatively charged object nearby.

Why Did My Lamp Turn On By Itself?

If your touch lamp is malfunctioning it can be because of any damaged part of the lamp. You should check and replace or fix the part. If it isn’t so, then there might be any ioned object nearby the lamp. But if you’re facing the problem often the touch control box is faulty. In such a case, you should take the lamp to a technician.

How do I Fix My Touch Lamp?

To fix any severe problem with any electric device you need to reset it. To reset a touch lamp you have to replace the touch control panel of the lamp. You can do it by yourself or get a technician to do it.

Why Does My Touch Lamp Keep Flickering?

The malfunction of an electric device can be caused by internal or external damage of it. So if your touch lamp is flickering it can be because of a faulty cord, plug, bulb, PowerPoint, sensor, or touch control panel. You need to check it and fix it.


If the touch lamp of your room is turning off and on by itself without you touching it then you should seek the answer to it in science. It can be your pets or some problem with the lamp itself. You can’t believe in any superstition while using modern electric products. You can solve the problem yourself by checking the lamp or can call in an expert.

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