How to Straighten Pendant Light? Explained With Pictures

A popular light fixture in many homes is the pendant light. Even though this fixture is pretty, some pendant lights have difficult-to-straighten cords. Try this method if you’re wondering how to fix pendant light cords. Using a smooth round tool like a screwdriver, place your pendant cord on top of it and straighten it. You can straighten the cord using your thumb and forefinger while holding it in between and applying light pressure. 

How to Straighten Pendant Light

What Are the Methods to Straighten Pendant Lights?

Pendant lights usually have a cord tied together, making them slightly wavy. Your light fixture might look crooked if you don’t straighten the cord after you install it. You can let gravity straighten your pendant lights’ cords on their own if they are heavy. If the pendant light is small and light, it will be good to straighten the cord before installation. Straightening pendant light cords is simple and takes only a few minutes.

When installing pendant lights, you may need to make adjustments. It’s good to know that we’ve considered many possible scenarios that you could face. Continue reading to learn how to install your pendant lights easily.

Here are some methods you can take to straighten a pendant light

Method 1. Unwire the cord and use steel rods:

The first step is to unwire the light pendant cord. You can get hollow steel rods from stores like IKEA for this purpose. You can buy a different rod size depending on how long the cord is.

Method 2. Screwdriver or wooden dowel: 

You can straighten your pendant lights’ cord with a wooden dowel or a screwdriver and your hands. Make sure that there are no twisted parts along the cord after you have unboxed your pendant light. 

Method 3. Use Thumb/forefinger together:

Step 1: Place the screwdriver in this position by pinching the cord between your thumb and forefinger.

Step 2: Halfway around the screwdriver, wrap the cord.

Step 3: Pull the cord straight by pressing gently with your thumb. Once or twice, you should see the pendant light’s cord has significantly straightened.

Method 4. Cord straightening materials:

Step 1: If your pendant light cables are kinked, you can easily straighten them using other materials. Straighten the cord with a paper clip or hair straightener. 

Step 2: However, you should exercise caution. It is important to ensure the cord is manageable enough to avoid kinking. To prevent fire hazards, you should also choose the right materials.

Method 5. Using jute rope to hide the cord

Step 1: You can hide exposed cords on pendant lights with jute rope. You can complement the pendant light’s industrial design with this easy solution.

Step 2: A thick rope will hide the exposed cord and give the room a rustic feel. Wrap the rope around the ceiling where you will hang the pendant light. 

Step 3:  Ensure that the rope ends with a knot. Using clear nail polish will also keep the ends from fraying.

Important Notes:

  • When a strong gust of wind blows through your room’s windows, pendant lights tend to swing. You might wonder if there is a way to keep your light fixtures from swinging too much if they swing from left to right.
  • It is impossible to completely stop pendant lights from swinging. If we adjust our pendant lights, we can prevent them from swinging and spinning too much. Adding a rod beside a pendant light chain will prevent it from moving too much if it uses a hanging chain. Light fixtures and ceiling canopy can be attached to the rods by welding or supergluing.
  • You can also shorten the cord to lessen the distance your pendant light swings. As the wind conditions improve in your area, the shorter cord will enable the light fixture to stabilize faster.

Are There Any Ways to Hang Straighten Pendant Light?

Pendant lights are great to install in spaces requiring quirky creativity. Different light cords can change the look of a room. You can hang straightened pendant lights in a variety of creative ways:

Idea 1. Clustered: The easiest way to install multiple pendant lights in one space is by clustering them together. It can look like a creative chandelier if you install them this way. It is also easy to install since the lights do not have to be level. Having different cord lengths adds an extra layer of creativity. 

Idea 2. Wrapped: The industrial design theme might be a good fit for you in some homes. To give your pendant lights an industrial look, wrap the cord around an industrial metal pipe installed on your ceiling. To complete the look, pair it with some vintage bulbs.

Idea 3. Hook: Light fixtures can look completely different with one of the simplest styles. You can hang your pendant lights on a big hook on the wall or ceiling. You can shorten the long cord of your lights by looping it around the hook several times. To add a rustic feel to your space, you can combine hooked pendant lights with other materials like hemp rope.

Idea 4. Swag: Hanging your light fixtures in a swagged style is similar to the clustered pendant lights. Install a couple of light hooks on your ceiling, and you’re ready. Adding different cord lengths to your light fixtures will add layers to your lighting design.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Straighten Hanging Light Wires?

Place the pendant cord on top of a smooth round tool like a screwdriver to straighten it. To straighten the cord, use your thumb and forefinger to press lightly on it and pull it along the rod.

Can Pendant Lights be Adjusted?

When it comes to hard-wired pendant lights, you usually have two options. First, there is usually a grub screw holding the cable in place. You can adjust the height by loosening it and pushing or pulling the cable through the hole. You should then re-tighten the grub screw.

How Do You Straighten Wire by Hand?

Be careful not to accidentally bend the wire again by keeping it at the same level as the screwdriver. When you pull the wire, the kinks will flatten out as they go around the screwdriver.


The pendant light fixture is a unique light fixture that is easy to install in your home. It is important to note that these pendant lights are prone to having wavy cords that can look unsightly. It is a good thing that this problem is easy to fix. Pendant lights can be straightened out during the installation process using other materials.

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