How To Make A Lamp Less Bright | Easy and Effective Methods

We’re all aware of the benefits of light bulbs and how they provide dazzling light, enabling others to see things more clearly. Yet they can also be irritating and cause interference when they emit a continuous bright light directly into our eyes. There are a few ways to turn down the lights to help with everyday problems that we all face. 

How To Make A Lamp Less Bright

We are confident that if you read this post carefully, you will be able to figure out how to make a light bulb less bright, and it will be as simple as pie from there! Let’s go and take a better look at each of them individually.

How To Reduce The Brightness Of A Light Bulb

There are a few ways that you can take to reduce the brightness of a light bulb. 

Reduce the voltage

A new light bulb is bright because it gets enough voltage from the power source. If you want to dim the light, you can lower the voltage from the power source, which will reduce the voltage your bulb receives and lessen the amount of light it produces.

Cover the bulb

Many light bulb holders cover the bulb completely. If you do not want to limit the amount of light emitted significantly, then you should choose a holder made of plastic or glass since it will not eliminate all of the light that is emitted. On the other hand, the top layer that is placed in front of the light bulb will cause a little reduction in the amount of light intensity that is emitted.

Paint your light bulb (use heat-resistant glass paint) 

The final thing you can do on your way to learning how to dim a light bulb is paint! You may paint your light bulb in this area, which will create an upper layer and provide a dimmer light.

If you decide to paint your light bulb and want to guarantee that your paint can resist the heat created by the bulb once it is switched on, standard acrylic or oil-based paint should not be used on light bulbs since the heat produced on the light glass might cause the bulb to explode. In such a scenario, purchasing a heat-resistant glass coating would be the best alternative.

  • The first step in painting your light bulb is to clean it with rubbing alcohol. To achieve a clean, dust-free surface for painting, soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and massage your light bulb with it, or use soap and water and air-dry for 1-2 minutes. 
  • After completing the cleaning procedure, the next step is to position the bulb so that the whole surface may be painted with a little brush. After painting your bulb with air-dry paint, give it an hour to dry.
  • It’s best not to touch the bulb until it’s scorched. After the first layer is done, check to see if you like how it looks. More layers of glass paint may be necessary to get the desired look. Let each layer dry thoroughly before moving on to the next one.

Make Use of a Dimmer

Many light sources produce excessively bright light; hence utilizing a dimmer to lower the light is suggested. You may purchase third-party dimmers from a hardware shop and modify them to make light bulbs darker.

Please bear in mind that they may cause harm to your light bulb or possibly leave it worthless. So, only pursue this way if you’re confident in your abilities.

Use a Foil Diffuser

Diffuser foils disperse light. Foil may be put in front of a light bulb to make it look less bright, depending on the installation scenario. Using a diffuser in front of a light bulb should only be considered a temporary solution, undertaken at your own risk.

This should only be attempted in the direst situations and with lights having a wattage of no more than a few hundred lumens. Without adequate care, the bulb may overheat and potentially catch fire if not thoroughly cooled before installation.

Enclose The Light Bulb

An opaque adhesive tape may address the issue since most light bulbs cannot increase or reduce their brightness. For example, sticky tissue tape may be used, but you should be aware that residue may develop when the video is removed from the light bulb. Even though this is a simple procedure, it has been used for decades and is guaranteed to make a light bulb dim.

Indicator Bulbs Should Be Darkened

People are not known to resist the temptation to partially or entirely disable or conceal their bright lights. You may use a transparent adhesive foil and then paint the bulb with dark ink or varnish to cover it up. The bulb no longer produces dazzling effects, but nevertheless, it continues to shine brightly.

Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs

Is It Possible to Dim Any Light?

Most light fixtures, if not all, are equipped with standard plugs that allow you to lower the lights. Adding a dimmer and a controller to them will enable you to do so. It’s best to leave these tasks to a professional since doing so might endanger your light bulb’s lifespan. It’s always perilous to operate with electricity or electrical components.

What Happens When a Non-Dimmable Bulb Is Dimmed?

It’s most likely that, at best, the bulb will not dim correctly. As a result, if you wish to modify the bulb’s properties, it won’t operate flawlessly. This is because the bulb wasn’t designed to work this way. There are a few things to remember when doing an aftermarket modification like this, such as the risk of your bulb breaking down due to voltage changes.

The following instructions on reducing the brightness of a light bulb may help you discover an alternative path to your desired outcome.


The disturbing glare of very bright light bulbs is a common occurrence. It not only gets in the way of our vision but may also be an eyesore if you prefer lower lighting. Depending on your situation, you may lower your light bulbs permanently or just for a short period of time. You’ll be able to do it with ease now that you’ve learned how to reduce the brightness of overly bright lights.

Alternatively, you may use these tactics to dim or even turn off the lighting of these irritating devices when they come into close contact with your eyes. If you’ve learned anything from this article, you should be able to reduce the brightness of a light bulb now. What do you think about this? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments box below!

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