What to Put Under a Table Lamp | How to Meet Your Needs

Have you ever forgotten to account for height? The objective is to make your table lamp higher without sacrificing the elegance of its appearance or function when selecting accessories to raise the height of the table and floor lamps.

Examine your table light and its surroundings as a starting point. Knowing the area surrounding the light properly will help you rapidly locate alternatives and select the one that best meets your needs.

What to Put Under a Table Lamp

You need a set that won’t take up a lot of areas if the table is tiny or packed. If you’ve got a lot of room, you can pick whichever prop matches your style best. View our guide to learn more about what to put under your table lamp.

What To Put Under Your Table Lamp?

When we were looking over our options for a suitable prop for a light, we discovered some alternatives for you. Things to place under your lighting are listed below. Look at it.


Using books as a desk lamp is a very easy, cheap, practical, and even stylish technique to make your light appear taller. Use books that you have previously read or that you no longer need, though, as you often don’t want to replace the props from your light. Hardcover books offer the steadiness you’ll need while making your selection.

Books are on the table because a table lamp provides lighting for reading and researching. These books can be used as decoration or as inspiration to read.

The choice of books and their covers also influences the décor. Use books that match your fixture’s color scheme and the room’s general appearance.

Wooden Object

This is a great option if you have a wooden board or a wooden table lamp. Wood usually gives a place a rustic appearance.

A wooden block can support your table light. This is among the greatest choices since they come in various sizes and will give your fixture a beautiful finishing touch. Consider painting them to make them more suitable for your room’s decor.

A Tiny Vase or Planter

Nothing ever goes wrong when you use a little vase or planter. When it comes to carrying out tasks correctly, you must consider all of your possibilities. This involves placing the planter neatly and effectively.

Because the planter or vase is already fashionable, it works nicely. Simply place the table light within the vase to raise its height while maintaining its fashionable appearance. This is perfect for individuals who are particular about where you should place a table light in a space. When you take this route, you won’t have to compromise.

To Get A Floor Lamp

The longevity and durability of wooden stools are two of its most notable advantages. They are strong and ideal for increasing the height of your floor light. Using crates, which may be either wooden or plastic and are ideal since you can customize them to match your home’s decor, is another approach to support your floor lamp.

You may also use these components to raise your lamp’s level if you have no method to return it and it is short. All of my solutions are inexpensive and will last a very long time, even if you have to pay more.

What to Put Under Lamps to Protect the Furniture?

Under a lamp base, adhesive-backed felt cushions provide protection. A non-synthetic pad underneath a lamp base can prevent dents and other issues from damaging the finish of your furniture. Avoid using plastic, cork, and other materials that could damage the lamp as you move it to dust. Doilies, little mats, or felt pads are frequently available at dollar stores, fabric shops, and home improvement centers to prevent the lamp’s base from scratching furniture surfaces.

Variety of Padding

For an attractive and useful solution, use non-synthetic doilies or mats underneath lights, such as round or oval tablecloths knitted with linen or cotton threads in a neutral white or ivory hue.

Alternatives include adhesive-backed felt protector pads, which offer more covert protection and frequently come in brown or cream hues and a variety of forms. Attach the adhesive side to the clean lamp base’s bottom. Avoid using brightly colored fabric that might stain the furnishings you wish to preserve if you would rather cut a felt fabric and glue it to cardboard molded to the lamp base.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to put under a lamp to make it higher?

Little items called riggers work their beautifying magic all over our houses on tabletops, next to seats, and in vignettes. They enable flowers to bloom higher and lights to stand taller.

How to place a table lamp?

Desk lights should have an adjustable light focus and illuminate the work surface. Your desktop should be 15 inches away from the light. Generally, you want to place the lamp 36 inches or less away from the object you wish to light. Make sure your light is proportional to the other furnishings and the space.

How do you raise the height of a table lamp?

Calculate the distance from the lamp’s intended placement to eye level. This serves as your starting point. Divide the foundation measurement by three to get the overall elevation of the shade.

What does a lamp’s riser do?

Use the square pedestal riser to raise lamps or other accessories in your house. Additional Information: This riser gives floor lamps or table lights a little extra height, enhancing their presence in the space. Additionally, you may use them to enhance the prominence of tabletop decorations like bowls and sculptures in your house.

Final Thoughts

The finest techniques to raise your table light at home are as follows. It’s ideal to use a set of appropriately sized books, a tiny vase, or a basket to raise a table light. The table lamp may be supported using these choices at a higher height without losing its visual charms.

In terms of figuring out how to increase the height of the table lamp at home, this is a win-win situation. Finding a workable answer may often be achieved with only one straightforward approach. Put it into action and enjoy the benefits you derive from it. This problem is quick to resolve.

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