How to Rewire a Floor Lamp? Fix Step by Step

A well-decorated house needs classy lighting with good surveillance of lamps and other electronic things which make it feel at home. Depending on the age of the lamp, it needs to be changed or the inside function of a lamp should be changed.

Rewiring a lamp is easy and simple if you are an electrician!

How to Rewire a Floor Lamp

Nonetheless, to be honest, it’s not a hard job to do if you have a general knowledge of cathodes and anodes. With some common instruments and products that can easily be found at stores, you can do it yourself. 

Should You Rewire an Old Lamp?

Rewiring an old lamp at home can save a lot of money. It will cause barely 10-15 for a single lamp to restore.

The best part about a lamp is, when it’s out of order or old enough for a new one, it can be restored as new by just rewiring it and washing the shade.

How to Rewire a Floor Lamp – How Do You Do It?

Rewiring a lamp can be easy if you have followed some simple steps and have all the materials needed such as a wire cutter, screwdriver and lamp rewiring kit such as cord, socket, and plug.

Step 1: Unplug the Lamp

You need to unplug the lamp. Then take off the switch, and rotate it clockwise.

Step 2: Remove the old Wire

You need to remove the old wiring from the pipe and base. Cut the wire from the base and get it out from the pipe.

Step 3: Add an Adapter

You need to remove the mogul socket where the switch went. You can keep the old mogul socket which will need mogul light bulb, but it you be better if you add adapter to the socket so that life will get easier to use a conventional light bulb.

Step 4: Attach the New Wire With the Bulb Socket

Unscrew silver nuts from the mountain bracket so it gets loosened and the socket starts to come off from the bracket which was holding it together. Then unattach the old wire and attach the new one, before you attach the new wire you need to expose the copper so it can connect to the screw for current to flow. You need to strip ½ inch of insulation off the wire to expose the copper. You need to strip the ends then cut each of them with a wire cutter, carefully cut them with a wire cutter and pull them out to reveal the copper.

Then, Run the wire through the mountain bracket and twist them around the brass screw, then reattach the screw with the brass with a screwdriver in a clockwise motion.

Step 5: Maintain the Precaution 

Cover the exposed copper and the brass with electrician tape so you can avoid any kind of accident. 

Step 6: Put the Lamp Together

Just run the wire through the lamp part and put them back together. You have successfully rewired the lamp but still, you need to attach the other end of the wire with a plug.

Step 7: Attach Wire With the Socket

Put a plug at the end of the wire. Remove the socket cover and unscrew the brass and then cut the wire just as you did before and screw the brass and the copper wire together. And put the socket cover back. Don’t forget to run the socket cover through the wire before screwing them or you will screw the whole process.

How Much Does It Cost to Rewire an Antique Lamp?

Antique lamps help the room decor to be more elegant and sophisticated yet an antique lamp will not need too much attention if it’s restored according to modern home voltage.

If you want sustainable wiring for the next 10-15 years of heavy usage, you should pay more for the wire and socket, because it’s for your own home!

Depending on the components and height of the lamp, a single lamp rewiring may cost you 40-125$ per hour if you hire an electrician.

How Do You Replace an Electrical Cord on a Floor Lamp?

Disconnect the lamp and cut off the old socket with the wire cutter. Then, cut ¾ inch of the cord to get fresh copper. After that, strip two of the ends with a cutter and cut off the plastic or rubber wrapper to expose the copper. 

Get a fresh cord (recommended not to use any old). Remove the cover from the bottom of the cord, the brass screw of the cord is placed underneath the pins. Now, there are two or three pins which are, Live pin, Neutral pin and Earth pin. Live pin and Neutral pin are minimal, same goes with the wire, but in modern wiring it doesn’t matter on which brass you put the wiring it will do the same.

So, without any hesitation twist two of the wire strip with the brass and screw them tightly together. Now put the cap on to avoid any direct contact. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rewire an old floor lamp?

Matching the proper wire to the socket is the main key to rewiring any kind of old floor lamp. The whole process only cost me 15$ and took 2 hours to go through the whole process.

Can I rewire an old floor lamp?

You can rewire your lamp with some precaution and follow the steps properly. the only hardest part of the lamp wiring is just attaching the wire with the socket part It’s sometimes confusing because there are 4 sockets in the socket,2 for brass screw and 2 for mountain bracket.

Can I rewire a lamp myself?

Simply you can rewire an old floor lamp all by yourself. if this is your first time, take the lamp to any departmental store to match the perfect wire and get enough length of wire. You can do the measurements by yourself by summing the lamp height and extra 4 feet together so you can plug it and put it anywhere of your room. 

How do I fix a swing arm lamp?

Swing arm lamps have a unique maneuverability which can match the overall appeal. If your swing arm lamp is not working properly, you can’t make it stand as you want it to be, you can fix this problem just in 2minute following the trick.

There are two pivot of spring in each arm of the lamp. All you need to do is, remove the pivot and make the angle smaller by creating another hole in the lamp arm and add springs to it so the extra tension that you create by taking the spring long can make the lamp stay as you make it!

How do I assemble a swing arm lamp?

Assembling a swing arm lamp doesn’t require any tool, most of them come in handy packaging and check the parts list to ensure all the products are there.

Now our first step is to unfold the lamp rod and put the shade into the housing with slight pressure, slip it in and turn it so it gets attached properly, then attach the clamp to a table, Place the clamp right under the table and put the lamp holder upright it, tight the bottom screw with your hand so it doesn’t move.

Once you are done, insert the end of the lamp into the holder.


A lamp can save a household, as it can be used up to 100 years by changing the wiring and the bulb. Even you can build a lamp by yourself using the scratched part of old lamps.

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