How Many Watts Does A Lava Lamp Use | Do Lava Lamps Use a Lot of Electricity?

The Lava lamp is a container lamp, which is used for decorative purposes. The container of the lamp has oil and wax in it. The Lava Lamp’s liquid has no color when the light is off. But as you turn on the light the liquid reacts to the heat. As the container is made of glass the reactions are visible from the outside. Thus the changes in the liquid’s color and form create a vibrant mood.

How Many Watts Does A Lava Lamp Use

From the performance of the lights of a lava lamp, the lamp seems costly to maintain. Though is it? You’ll know by acknowledging how many watts it uses.

How Many Watts Does A Lava Lamp Use?

Nowadays everyone is getting fond of modern electric lamps as they are manageable. You can manage a modern electric lamp’s light and heat to set the correct mood. But because of these features, you may think that the lamp will pull off a lot of electric bills. Though you’ll be surprised when you’ll know they don’t need many watts to run.

Among all the modern electric lamps lava lamps are the most colorful and vibrant. Because of these decorative benefits and features, you may think it consumes more electricity. But to your surprise, it doesn’t consume more than any other electric lamps. Further, it depends on the size of the lamp and how many watts it’ll need.

An average size lava lamp has 30 to 40 watts of electricity per hour. A table lamp also uses the same quantity of electricity if it is the middle size. If you use a smaller lamp it’ll cost you less and if you use a bigger one it’ll cost you more. Anyhow, a lava lamp doesn’t use more wattage than a regular lamp.

Whereas the small one of the lava lamps, which is 5 inches needs 15W. The bigger one of 13 inches needs 100W. There are also 6 inches and 8 inches lava lamps, they need 25 to 40W. Though it can vary because of the model of the lamp. Again for decorative purposes, you have to set the lamp at a low setting. But you can set it to a medium or high light setting, which will consume more electricity.

How Does A Lava Lamp Function?

You may know that a lava lamp is a long glass bottle with clear liquids in it. When you turn the lamp on the liquid glows in various colors and generates colorful bubbles in it. The clear liquid is full of oil and wax. The density of the wax is made less than water by using chemicals. There is an incandescent bulb in the lamp to generate heat.

Once you turn on the lava lamp the incandescent bulb starts to generate heat. It takes half to an hour to heat the liquid till it starts to glow and make bubbles. The bubbles are heated wax that gains speed and vibration because of the heat. Thus it can make various shapes and moves. In this way, the lava lamp sets the vibrant mood in your room.

Can You Keep A Lava Lamp On 24/7?

Lava lamps have incandescent bulbs in them to generate heat. This makes it risky to keep the lamp always on. Because if you keep the lamp on all the time it’ll be keeping generate heat all the time. So, the experts advise not to keep the lamp on for more than 10 hours. If you like to keep it on always, then turn it off after ten hours of starting it. Then wait till the lamp cools down and you can again start it for ten hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Wattage Does A Lava Lamp Use?

The wattage a lava lamp use depends on its size, model, and power setting. The smaller the size the less wattage it takes and the bigger the more. Again if it is on high power light setting it’ll need more electricity. An 8 inches lamp needs 30 to 40 watts to function. Whence the small lava lamp needs 15W and the large one needs 100W.

Do Lava Lamps Use Much Power?

How much electric power an electric device consumes depends on its usage. If you use it at its highest it’ll need more power to function. As far as lava lamps are concerned on average use they don’t need more than 40W. If you compare a lava lamp with any regular lamp you’ll not find much difference in its power consumption.

Can I Use A 40 Watt Bulb In A Lava Lamp?

In the case of using a lava lamp, you’ll find the necessary details on the packaging or underneath the lamp. Necessary details such as the lamp’s wattage, the bulb’s wattage, maintenance, etc. If your lava lamp is around 8 inches you can use a 40-watt bulb in it without worry.

Can I Use A 25-Watt Bulb In A 20-Watt Lava Lamp?

Yes, you can but it’s better not to. It is better to use the instructed bulb. Some of you can say it won’t matter for a few numbers but for electronics we should be cautious always.


The lava lamp isn’t only used for decorative purposes, it also produces heat. So if you buy a lava lamp it’ll not only give a colorful vibrant look to your room but also will warm it. You’ll get two works done whence the cost of electricity usage is same as any other regular lamp. You can also get them in any size according to the look of your room and choice.

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