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For the past couple of years, the marketplace has seen an increase in the popularity of LED lamps. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and operating voltage. Similarly, there are a lot of different types of applications of LEDs where high voltage is required. S

o, what is the operating range for 12-volt LED lamps? Can 12V LED run on 18V? To know the answers to these questions, follow us till the end.

Can 12V LED Run On 18V

Can A 12V LED Run On 18V?

No, a 12V LED cannot run on 18V. If you attempt to do so, the LED will not turn on. This is because the forward voltage of a 12V LED is lower than the minimum operating voltage of an 18V circuit. And, the forward voltage is the voltage required to activate the LED and make it emit light. Besides, don’t forget that connecting an 18v battery will damage the LEDs in the long run.

If you still want to run your LED on 18v, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, you should remember that 12v led will work between 10v and 14v with exceptions to life span. But, the current draw of the LED needs to be higher on 18V. So, make sure the power supply can handle the increased load.

Second, the lifespan of the LED may be reduced if it is constantly operated at a higher voltage. For this reason, while it is possible to run a 12V LED on 18V in some particular conditions, it is not recommended.

Not to mention, some 12V LEDs are designed to run on a wide range of voltages, from 3V all the way up to 30V. In that case, if you have an 18V power source, you can safely use it to power your 12V LED through an 18V to 12V converter. However, it is important to note that the brightness of the LED can be reduced when running on a higher voltage. Because, the current flow through the LED can be reduced sometimes, and the output will be dimmer.

Will 12V LED Lights Work On 24V?

No, 12V LED lights will not work on 24V. Because the voltage required to operate an LED light is different from that required to operate a traditional light bulb. LEDs require a lower voltage in order to operate, and thus a higher voltage will actually damage the light.

In addition, the wattage requirements for an LED are also different than for a traditional light bulb. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you are using the correct type of lightbulb for your application in order to avoid any damage to your property or person.

Though 12V LED lights may sometimes work on 24V, the 12V LED lights will only be 1/2 as bright as they would be if powered by a 12V power source. This is because the higher voltage creates a higher current that flows through the LED, and this increased current will cause the LED to heat up and reduce its brightness. However, we never recommend creating a setup like this to avoid injuries.

Can 24V LED Run On 12V?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. While a 24V LED may be physically able to run on 12V power, it will not perform as intended. LEDs are designed to operate within a specific voltage range, and running them outside of this range will result in decreased performance or complete failure.

For some LED lights, this voltage is too low and will not be able to provide the correct amount of power needed. In such a condition, you will need an AC-to-DC converter in order to run a 24-volt LED on a 12-volt power source. So, while a 24V LED may be able to run on 12V power, it is not recommended and will not produce the desired results. Similarly to this, you can use 18V LED on 12V using an 18V LED light strip to get the minimum power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Power 12V With 18V?

No, you cannot power 12V with 18V directly. The voltage is too high and will damage the 12V equipment. If you still want to power a 12V device with an 18V power source, it is possible to do so, but you need to ensure several things. First, the 12V device will only be able to draw as much power as the 18V source can provide. Secondly, the 18V source will need to be regulated so that the 12V device does not receive too much power and become damaged.

Is It Possible To Run A 12V LED On a 24V Driver?

Yes, you can run a 12V LED on a 24V driver, but you will need to use a resistor to drop the voltage down to 12V. The resistor will need to be sized according to the current rating of the LED and the voltage of the driver. You can also use a voltage regulator to drop the voltage down to 12V, but it will also need to be sized according to the LED current rating and the driving voltage.

Can I Run 12V LED On 9V Battery?

Yes, you can run a 12V LED on a 9V battery, but it will not be as bright as if you were using a 12V power source. Because, the LED will only be able to draw a limited amount of current from the battery, and the voltage drop across the LED will cause it to appear dimmer than it would at full voltage.


Finally, you’ve seen how you can run 12V LED on 18V and what you can change for your application. Basically, to use a 12V LED light on an 18v or 24v system, you will need to change the design of the light. Otherwise, using 18v directly to get more light or to use less power for your application is not possible.

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