How To Make Dark Purple On LED Light | Answered

LED lights are the modern time solution to give your house corner a new depth and dimension. A remote control is included with this LED light strip that allows users to change colors, as well as change the mood and environment of the room. Since LED strips have RGB lights, you can easily change their color.

How To Make Dark Purple On LED Light

LED Strips Process of Producing Color

RGB Lights produces enormous color using the basic color palate of Red, Blue, and Green, which creates all the color wheels by mixing different amounts.

LED strips have small light bulbs installed in them. These Small light bulbs have 3 different diodes installed in them red, Blue, and green color. Each of them emits its essential color. Changing and adjusting the intensity of each color creates a new type of color. Suppose these 3 diodes are at their full intensity, creating the white color.

Controlling LED Strip Light Remote

There are many brands of RBG lights and the remote of each differs in variation and style but still, you would find some constant buttons.

  1. The Red Button: The switch off/on the top right corner is used to turn the lights off/on.
  2. Pause Button: There’s a pause sign button to pause the current color
  3. Brightness button: There are two buttons to adjust brightness high and low with the (+) and (-) signs. With this, you can make the lights glow or fade according to your comfort.
  4. DIY Button: Modern LED Light strips have DIY buttons to keep the favorite color and tone for your room in the memory, which you always love to use depending on the mood. You can save up to 6 dynamic or static mode colors on your remote memory.
  5. Color Buttons: Depending on the brands you may get a color wheel with which you can automatically swipe on the color you want or some color palate with the basic color as well. You can use those color buttons to make another color just by pressing those buttons.
  6. Speed Buttons: You’ll Find two Speed buttons on the right middle corner of the remote named “Quick” and “Slow”, with which you can control the strobe speed of the flowing lights.
  7. Jump 3/7 Buttons: This button refers to jumping from one color to another. The numbers refer to switching between colors.
  8. Fade3/7 Buttons: Fade button refers to a gradually fading gradience of 3 or 7.
  9. Auto Buttons: This automatically switches colors and shows different color modes.
  10. Static Color Buttons: You can set up to 40 colors in the static mode. Press any key to adjust the color according to your vibe.

Creating Dark Purple On LED Strips

Dark Purple is a mysterious color. A psychology study says People who are more vibrant and expressive towards their feelings love dark purple the most. Many people love decorating their room environment with their favorite color and adding depth using LED Strips. You can create any color if you have some knowledge of color theory. It’s Quite Easy to create the perfect dark purple for your room. Here’s the process how:

  1. First, Select the DIY preset button if you want to save the color.
  2. Then turn down all the basic colors, and press and hold each down button for 10 seconds. The strip light will go off totally.
  3. Now press the red button 3 times and then blue 6 times for the dark tone purple.
  4. You can adjust the brightness of your dark purple with a remote as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What color LED light is best for sleeping?

Red-colored light is best for sleeping. It is proven that light plays a huge role in our sleep cycle. Scientists suggest sleeping in a darker room, so our body could heal from the exhaust of the whole day. If you have difficulty sleeping in the dark, then you can use a warmer tone light for a cozy vibe matching the room atmosphere. 

Red lights have a lower color tone than any other lights, avoiding any hindrance to your sleep cycle. The hue of any light on the LED strips may cause you disturbance while sleeping whereas red light or red-toned light is just perfect for sleeping.

What is purple light good for?

It is clinically proven that color effect our body as the different wavelength creates stimulation to our brain and blood circulation. Purple light signifies energy, inspiration and enthusiasm. That’s because of its shorter wavelength and higher energy. Its ray helps the plant grow more quickly as it’s considered a secondary light source for developing plants.

Are LED light strips safe?

LED light strips are as safe as any other light used in the home. Even LED lights don’t have any ultraviolet rays so these are not as harmful to our body as any other electronic device. Though these lights can be a way of improving and balancing one’s work and sleep cycle, changing the color and tone according to the need.

Can I use Dark purple as dark light?

Purple lights have small wavelengths so they can create a Dark light effect though darker light emits more visibility. It’s called black light without having any black in it because of the shortest wavelength. Mainly Dark purple is considered as leakage in UV rays as it doesn’t have any detrimental rays in it.


Color has a great significance in our life, It sometimes speaks unspoken words. Moreover, color plays a huge role in our brains as a different color has a different meaning and they hit differently on our brain motor cells. Colors Stimulate Anger, Grief, and Happiness with their divine powers. Color psychology helps us to develop thoughts and expressions.

LED strips have a vast range of colors which helps to develop the mood of a room and changes the atmosphere. Dark Purple signifies inspiration, and courage, with the different modes it can be used in a party decoration also for video backdrops as well.

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