What Is A Genie Lamp Called? Is the Genie In a Lamp?

A genie lamp is an ancient oil lamp. The lamps were used abundantly in Arab and other parts of the world before the invention and easy access to electricity. The genie lamp has other names like a magic lamp or Aladdin’s lamp. The Arab folklore story of Aladdin inspires all the names of this lamp.

What Is A Genie Lamp Called

The lamp is an ordinary lamp that got its unique name because of the famous fiction of Aladdin. Aladdin is the one who finds a lamp that looks like a teapot because of its spout. The lamp was made in such a shape to pick oil in it from drums. However, he rubs the lamp and a genie comes out of it to grant him 3 wishes. Thus the lamp got its name and became quite popular.

What Is A Genie Lamp Called?

You may think that as the legend of Aladdin gave the lamp names so it has given it fame too. Which is correct but the reason behind the lamp’s popularity isn’t only the legend. The designs that were made on it also attracted the users. Its structure also helped the users to easily carry the lamp and make less grease.

All the genie lamps of all time are made following a certain type of design. The design makes the lamp extraordinary and attractive looking no matter if it is made of soil, steel, bronze, or glass.

How Does A Genie Lamp Work?

The ancient genie lamp has a handle and spout which makes it look like a teapot but, it is much flatter than a teapot. Also, it doesn’t have a separate lid like a teapot. Its spout is used to put in or pour out the oil. After filling the lamp with oil, a fiber is set as a wick in the spout to lit fire. Nowadays it is out of use, but there are electric lamps called Aladdin lamp is popular.

Aladdin Lamp

The Aladdin lamp group produced a kerosene-based lamp in around 1850, which was bigger than the genie lamp. Whence the size made it barely movable, there were some advantages too. They used a mantle in place of the wick and included a net and chimney. The net helps the flow of the oxygen and the chimney passes out the hot air.

The mantle of the Aladdin lamp produces a soft white light instead of the warm yellow light. As the lamps were classic and antique in look, they were very popular. Nowadays electric lamps have taken the place. The electric Aladdin lamps are smaller in size yet have the antique look. It has a wire to connect and it functions just like any other electric lamp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do They Call It A Genie Lamp?

In the ancient middle east (now north Africa) the folklore of Aladdin originated. The story was very popular and one of the main elements of the story is a lamp. The lamp is known as Aladdin’s lamp as Aladdin was the one who possessed it first. They also call it a genie lamp because according to the fiction a genie was captive in it and was freed by Aladdin.

Is There Any Such Thing As A Genie Lamp?

The genie lamp is a magical lamp that has a genie in it with immense cosmic power. If you free the genie, he’ll grant your 3 wishes. You can ask for anything for your wishes. The genie will fulfill them with magic. But you know magic isn’t real, it’s only available in fiction and imagination. So in reality there is no such thing as a genie lamp.

What Kind Of Lamp Is In Aladdin?

In the worldwide famous story of Aladdin, the lamp is an oil lamp made of brass. It was an ancient lamp with an antique design on it. The real Aladdin lamps were made of many metals like brass, bronze, nickel, copper, and steel. Sometimes they were made of one metal and were plated with another metal. The oil lamps were made of glass too.

What Is A Genie Oil Lamp?

A genie oil lamp is a lamp that resembles a teapot. But it has no movable lid like a teapot and it’s much flatter in shape. You have to pick up oil in it through its spout. Also, you put a wick in the spout to lit fire on the lamp. Kerosene is used as the fuel of this oil lamp.


Though the legend of Aladdin originated in ancient Arab culture, the story of Aladdin and Jasmine has an important place in the heart of every child. At present, the story is known all around the world as many movies, TV shows, and animations have been made inspired by it. So is the genie lamp.

The original genie lamp may not be in use now because of available electricity. Yet it is hard to find anyone who has no fascination for the classic genie lamp. As now, it is available with the benefit of electricity it is more in use. Instead of a table lamp, you can use any electric genie lamp in your house. It’ll give a unique yet classic and beautiful look to your room.

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