Ceiling Fan Light Won’t Turn Off With Remote

The remote might be damaged or the batteries are discharged or damaged. Changing the batteries and resetting the remote program can be helpful.

Try resetting the remote control if it turns on the fan but not the lights for the ceiling fan. Switch off the ceiling fan. After waiting for around ten seconds, remove the batteries from the remote control. Turn the power back on after replacing the remote control’s batteries.

Ceiling Fan Light Won’t Turn Off With Remote

Ceiling Fan Light Won’t Turn Off With Remote

Assure that the batteries are in good condition and not dead. Check that the remote control and receiver’s dip switches are set to the same frequency. If it still doesn’t work, remove the batteries from the remote and check if any charge is left. If the batteries are totally discharged then insert new batteries and check again. If the remote still doesn’t work, then the remote might be damaged. Find a local electric service shop and fix the remote.

How do you reset a ceiling fan remote light

There are various approaches to resetting a ceiling fan remote, however, the following is the simplest: Hold the button until the remote’s light starts to flash while the power is off. To get the remote and your fan to sync up once more, push and hold it once more for 15 to 30 seconds.

Why Is My Ceiling Fan Not Responding to Remote

Perhaps the most frequent reason for a ceiling fan remote’s malfunction is either a battery shortage or a battery death. Check to see whether the indicator light on your remote control illuminates. If it doesn’t, that’s a good indication that the battery needs to be replaced. Open the battery cover on the remote control. Remove the old batteries and insert new ones. Check the remote to see if it’s working.

Why Is My Ceiling Fan Not Turning Off

Your ceiling fan might not switch off for a number of reasons. For example, the remote control’s batteries could be dead. Nevertheless, the chain may have an issue. In any case, you may approach your ceiling fan systematically. Before working on your ceiling fan, you may need to switch off the electricity to that area of the house to keep yourself safe.

How Do You Reprogram a Ceiling Fan Remote

Turn off the power of the fan for 5–10 seconds using the wall switch, then turn it back on. Press and hold the ‘PAIR’ button on the remote control’s back for a brief period of time. Within three minutes after turning on the fan again, perform this method. The receiver and remote will now pair if they were previously unpaired.

How Do You Turn off a Ceiling Fan Without a Remote

Simply turn off the fan using the wall switch. But turning off the ceiling fan without its pull chain involves reducing its power demand from the connected circuit breaker, assuming you have already tried other methods (such as using the remote or wall switch). Go to the fuse box in your home and turn the switch that controls the ceiling fan off.

Why Is My Remote Not Working Even With New Batteries

The battery connectors for the remote control could be unclean. Place the batteries back into the remote control after removing them and use a cotton bud or soft cloth to wipe the remote control terminals with a tiny solution of alcohol. Change the batteries with new ones.

Can I Replace My Ceiling Fan Remote

Old ceiling fans could be noisy, have uncomfortable pull chains, or require maintenance. Installing a remote control for a ceiling fan is one simple solution. Broken components could also need to be replaced. You may need a capacitor, ceiling fan switch, remote control for the ceiling fan, and wire nuts. 

Firstly you have to find a good fit to insert the remove. Then set the transmitter and remove the old capacitor. Now, Shop for a new capacitor and switch. Insert the new capacitor and the wires. You are good to go now.

Are There Universal Remotes for Ceiling Fans

For ceiling fans with pull chains and a single wall switch, there are numerous “universal” remote control kit options available. They all have controls for fan speed and on/off. Others provide thermostatic control and light-dimming capabilities as well.


Cleaning the battery connectors, inserting new batteries, and resetting the remote may solve this problem. Still, if it doesn’t work, look for an electrician.

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