How to Turn off Gas Lamp Post? Steps to Turn off

The gas light post is one of the most recognizable elements in each city. Visitors are drawn in by the warm, inviting light from these lights, but surrounding residents may find it bothersome. The gas lamp posts may be turned off in various ways, giving you more control over their light and the ability to relax in silence when you need it. Here are some of the best fixes, so you’ll know exactly what to do the next time the gas lamp post malfunctions.

How to Turn off Gas Lamp Post

What is a Gas Lamp?

A kind of street lamp that emits a gentle orange light is the gas lamp. Due to their unreliability and limited flexibility, these lights had lost favor by the 1950s despite being popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. However, because of technological breakthroughs, it is now feasible to make street lighting that is both long-lasting and extremely efficient.

How Do Gas Lamps Work?

A gas lamp uses natural gas to create light outdoors. Like a candle burns, the gas is burnt steadily to produce brilliant flames contributing to the lamp’s energy production. In addition, the light’s heat contributes to creating a cozy, pleasing-to-the-eye glow.

Because they blazed brighter and ran more than every fuel source at the time, the city chose gas lamps above other types of lighting. Before the development of electric street lighting, gas lamps were among the most effective ways to make roadways and sidewalks visible to people.

Why  Do Some Gas Lamps Still Turn On at Night?

Because they were accidentally left on or because their schedules were improperly adjusted, some gas lights will continue to turn on at night. However far technology has come, there are still a few vintage light posts that run on gas. You might find one or two of these conventional lamps still on at night if you reside in a region where they are still in use.

How to Turn Off Gas Lamp Post?

1. Shut the Window

Lowering the door in your room is the simplest way to switch off the gas light post. This approach is incredibly simple and doesn’t take any more time or resources. The only downside is that depending on the season outside; it could not function. Closing your window won’t help if it’s raining or freezing outside.

2. Shut off the Circuit Breaker for the Lamp

This technique for turning off the lamp posts doesn’t require you to step down or face the light directly because many lights are connected to a nearby circuit breaker. Instead, you may just turn the breaker off from inside using a little switching that should be placed in a sensitive area close to your door.

This technique works great for lamps close to other street lamps, but it won’t happen for you if there isn’t a nearby circuit breaker.

3. Pick up the Phone and Dial Your City Hall

You may also report the issue by phoning the city hall in your area and asking them to switch off the gas lamp post. Since many businesses are closed at this time of day, they might not react immediately if it is late in the evening. However, it should still take a few days to hear back, giving you plenty of opportunities to appreciate the darkness in the interim.

4. Shut Off Power Box for Street Lamps

If your gas lamp is next to another street light, it could be wired into the power supply of that light. You may turn it off by approaching the other streetlight and switching off its power box.

Your light could, however, be a part of a centralized system with the main switch located in a neighboring structure. If so, you will want an official key to open it and turn off the gas street lamp from a distance. If your gas lamp is next to another street light, it could be wired into the power supply of that light.

5. Wrap a Black Blanket or Cloth Around the Lamp

You may switch off your gas lighting on your own by covering it with a black cloth or blanket. This strategy works effectively if the lamp post is not too high up and has a reasonable amount of covered area.

This method shouldn’t cost you any additional money because you should be able to obtain a black cloth or sheet at home. However, check for any holes in the fabric or blanket, especially where the light will be shining through.

6. Cover Lamp with Spray Paint

Using spray paint is a fairly dependable way to switch off gas lamp poles without help. Get some matte black spray cans from an art supply. To cover the lamp’s glass housing.

You should block the light by covering the whole surface, but you may also use sticky tape to conceal any spots where the light is still leaking through. Putting this idea into practice may be challenging if your lamp post is too high or you may not have enough energy to work with it. However, it is quite effective at blocking out all light sources.

7. Talk with a Specialist

You might not be able to reach some lamp posts straight even if you start climbing on your rooftop or stand atop a ladder since they are situated in awkward locations. If so, your only choice is to contact an electrician, who can assist you in turning off your gas light post.

Tips and Warnings

Your best option for learning how to switch off gas light posts on your own is to use the circuit breaker. It might not always be practical to drape a black blanket or cloth over your gas lamp. Smaller posts close to other street lights are best suited for this choice. You may only be able to turn off some street lighting by phoning your local authority since they may be electrically controlled.

If you don’t feel confident doing it, never try climbing up on the rooftop or standing on top of a ladder. You might not be able to switch off street lighting until the next working day since they are frequently remotely controlled by the energy supplier. When your gas lamp is being utilized to obscure other street lights, avoid shining a strong light on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn the gas lanterns off?

Yes, a shut-off valve at the bottom of the burner on every natural gas lamp is simply switchable to the off setting.

Can I leave gas lanterns on all the time?

Gas lamps cost a minimum of $10 a month to operate, plus installation fees, but they can cost up to three times that much, depending on local gas prices. Until you do so, the flame remains lit. You will need to use a match to start a fire the flame if your igniter is manual. 


For more than 200 years, the gas street light has been a pillar of the urban landscape. They are simple to locate in urban areas, but what happens when they become so worn out that a replacement is required? We’ll go through a few steps in this article to stop using your gas light posts and switch to electric ones. All you should do is complete these easy steps from beginning to end!

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