How to Block Light From Window AC Unit

A window air conditioning system is the most common equipment in houses lacking central air. Nevertheless, the issue with any of those systems is that if you get them close to a bedroom window, they may disturb your nap.

That’s because the unit’s light will enter the room thru the opening and interfere with your body clock. Fortunately, there are several answers to this problem. This post will look at how to cover the window air conditioner’s light.

How to Block Light From Window AC Unit

Blocking Light From Window AC Unit

So, you have decided to conceal the light emanating from the window air conditioning system. People desire to shut out the lighting for various reasons, to start with. Firstly, you do not want the living space to become too warm if the weather is pleasant outdoors and an air conditioner is unnecessary. The room’s ambiance may be calmer by blocking out the light.

Another factor is that your privacy may be in jeopardy if you have residences all-around home. For instance, if your curtains or shades may be seen through the light shining from an air conditioning unit.

Take the Window’s Size

Assess the window before buying curtains or any other items. Depending on the size of your air conditioning system, one pair of drapes may be sufficient. If the window unit is large, perhaps two sets of curtains might work as well as light-blocking curtains at first.

Before measuring, consider whether the air conditioning system prevents sunlight from reaching the draperies. If so, you could require two, if not more, sets of drapes.

Dark-colored Drapes

A suggestion on how to filter out lights is using blackout curtains. Rather than purchasing panels, which appear to be expensive, you may get blackout curtains for a considerably lower price. 

Tan blackout curtains may let light into the home yet sufficiently lowering it to prevent glare from appearing on the tv or pc screen when you’re viewing a film or performing another activity that calls for darkness. If you want anything like this, consider blackout curtains.


Blinds may be a good way to block lighting while still making your home or apartment appear pleasant. You may select from various designs if you’re unsure which blind would look best. Therefore, you might perhaps go window shopping!

Also, blinds may be expensive, particularly if you want the best. However, if you can make your blinds, you may save cash and prevent lights from the window air conditioner from entering your living area.


A more affordable method of filtering light while still allowing you to see out of the window is to shade it. Additionally, it may give your living space a slightly more creative appearance and be simpler for some individuals than decorating.

Other Techniques

Some individuals have turned to different means to conceal the light from the window air conditioner, without using curtains or blackout shades. The tinting of windows is one illustration of this. If you own a car, you may already know that darker window tinting makes it more difficult for sunlight to enter and lets less warmth inside during summertime.

You might perform a comparable action with the window air conditioning system. Tin foil applied to the interior of the glass is still another example. If you want to save budget on some curtains or blinds like those listed above, even though they may not be visually beautiful, they will still work to block light.

Block a Light but Not Airflow

To keep the light from reaching, use caulking. It is ideal when it is white or has a hue resembling a window’s frame. While colored caulks have a more tinted appearance than transparent ones, clear caulks allow too much of the room’s original color to peek through.

The finest caulking to use is one that is transparent and weatherproof. Use the tiniest bead to make it travel further and appear cleaner. Obtaining the perfect application could take a few tries. This will make it easier to cover the window air conditioner’s light.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Use A Drape To Block The Light From The Window A/C Unit?

You may use a drape to block the light from your window air conditioner. You must ensure that the drapes can prevent heat from leaking through your window.

Using a curtain-like covering to block the light from the window air conditioner has numerous advantages:

  • Excessive sunlight won’t be allowed to enter the room.
  • Both summertime overheating will prevent along with wintertime cooling.
  • You will have privacy and be able to choose who sees what happens in the room.

Can A Window Air Conditioning System Light Be Enclosed?

A window air conditioning unit light can be enclosed. The air conditioning system, however, won’t be able to function effectively because it depends on outside air to stay cool.

The ideal method is to use an insulating substance, such as foam insulation and Styrofoam sheets, which you can buy at any home improvement store. After cutting a hole for the unit to fit through, you must use masking tape or glue to secure the corners of the Styrofoam sheet all around the windows’ air conditioning system.

Does It Help To Shade A Window AC Unit?

Shading the air conditioning unit, you may improve its performance, save overall cooling expenses, and extend the air conditioning system’s life. Additionally, trees and bushes may enhance the pleasure of your outside area while also maintaining the air within the home’s cool


It’s crucial to keep in mind that not every window coverings operate in the same manner. Before choosing the window treatment that will best meet your needs, it is crucial to know how each style of decoration works if you desire the house or workplace to be cool and pleasant.

Fortunately, we have been working in this industry long enough, so you won’t need to bother conducting any independent research. So figure out what suits you best and get it done.

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