The Ceiling Fan Light Won’t Turn Off [Fix!]

Ceiling fan lights are getting very popular nowadays. It is very useful and also glamorous. But it is a very common incident to face issues with ceiling fan lights. Sometimes we can’t turn on or turn off our ceiling fan lights. Most of the time, this problem occurs, especially with cheap and quality-less ceiling fan lights. Again, you may also face this issue if you have standard-quality ceiling fan lights. 

If your ceiling fan light won’t turn off and you don’t understand what to do about this disturbance, this is the perfect place. Because I’m here to guide you in overcoming this situation, keep in mind that before starting to fix something, it is important to find out the probable reason behind the issue. 

Ceiling Fan Light Wont Turn Off

What Should You Do If Ceiling Fan Light Won’t Turn Off

There is a strong possibility that the wire connecting your light that stays on is contacting a live wire. So, firstly disconnect all your wires, turn on all the breakers, and then use voltage testing to identify the live circuit wire. So, simply push the plunger into the hole where your ceiling fan light hangs. 

After that, slightly pull the light out. You will hear a clicking sound when you make your light snap back into place. Again, after removing your light holder, it is time to check for any wire damage or loose connections that can be in contact with any live wire. 

If you notice the problem, I have a potential solution. You may need to adjust your light wire or switch or get a replacement ceiling fan light. But if the solution doesn’t work, you need to consult a professional manufacturer to ask for help. 

The Process to Turn off Your Ceiling Fan Light

It is a probable solution to turn off your ceiling fan light by flipping your switch. But if you fail to fix this, go with pulling your plug from the wall outlet. Don’t worry cause if you fail here, you have another option to use the remote control. You can use the remote control to turn off the ceiling fan light. The last point is if you fail these methods, you must replace your ceiling fan light’s wire or switches as soon as possible. 

The Process to Turn off Your Ceiling Fan Light with a Switch

If you don’t turn off your ceiling fan light with the switch, the issue can be with your switch. The most relevant reason a switch can not work is if the switch is broken. If you are unsure whether your switch is broken, you need to try replacing it. But if the new switch can’t work, a defective wire or a stuck shutter can prevent your ceiling fan light from turning off.

When your ceiling fan can’t turn off after you turn your switch off, or the ceiling fan light can’t turn off, you must try another way. You should try a pull chain because pull chains are effective in these situations. Moreover, many ceiling fans only come with a separate pull chain for the lights. 

So, you must switch off the circuit breaker to fix the wall switch on your own. Even if you just want to check what is going on inside the outlet and wait for an electrician, you should turn off the circuit breaker.  

You need to use a screwdriver to unscrew the fuse on the breaker box to remove your wall switch cover plate. Then follow the cautions carefully.

Cautions: You must use a non-contact voltage detector to double-check that there is no voltage on your breaker box labels. You should remember that getting into an electrical circuit is very difficult and risky. So, if you are not familiar with the work, call an expert or electrician when there is an issue with your circuit.

The Process to Turn off Your Ceiling Fan Light with a Remote

If you use a remote for turning your ceiling fan light on or off, and the light will not turn off with the remote, then don’t worry. Here is the solution. 

Method 1

You must ensure the fully charged battery that your remote is perfectly aligned with your ceiling fan. After that, check the component of your remote that connects to your ceiling fan and try to use a different remote control to see if it works. You must replace the remote if it does not work.

Method 2

You need to check the receiver for damage because a faulty receiver on your ceiling fan can also cause the remote to malfunction. After that, you need to consult your ceiling fan company that made your remote to get replacement parts. If none of these two options don’t work, you need to consult a professional to repair your remote.

The Process to Turn off Your Ceiling Fan Light with a Pull Chain

In the pull chain of your ceiling fan, there are four settings: off, high, medium, and low. When you turn the fan on, it starts at high-speed, but you can also minimize the speed by pulling the switch again. 

However, you also can turn off your ceiling fan light with a pull chain if the ceiling fan has a pull chain attached to your lights. It can be essential for you to replace the pull chain of your ceiling fan light if it does not operate any longer. 

You must use a wall switch or a remote first to check if the issue lies with the pull chain. In general, replacing the pull chain on a ceiling fan is easy by undoing the screws around the body of your ceiling fan with a screwdriver. It is also very simple to update the chain housing and the switch inside using a screwdriver. 

How to Wire Your Ceiling Fan with a Light with Different Switches?

Sometimes it is essential to know how to wire your ceiling fan with light with various switches. I’m here to provide a video clip showing the perfect process on this topic. I hope this video will help you understand the process of wiring the fan with lights with different switches. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Won’t My New Light Fixture Turn Off?

If the new light fixture doesn’t turn off, you need to check the fixture by turning the power off again and by opening the switch box. You need to see how wires are connected there. On the contrary, you can also go empirically by turning the power off and dismounting your light fixture. You must wire your fixture’s black to red and cap the now-unused black in your ceiling. After that, close the fixture up, turn the power back on, and then try the switch. 

What Will Happen If My Ceiling Light Wired Incorrectly?

Suppose you connect your circuit wires to the imperfect terminals on an outlet; though the outlet will still work, the polarity can be backward. However, if this incident occurs, your light will have its bulb socket sleeve energized rather than your little tab inside the socket. 

Can I Leave My Ceiling Fan Light On?

You should not leave your ceiling light on when it is not necessary. When you are gone, don’t leave the ceiling fan light on because it has a risk of getting fire hazards and can also enhance your electric bill. You should remember that a lightbulb can become very hot and ignite a fire. 


Since a ceiling fan is less expensive than an air conditioner, it has become popular. Even these become an essential part of our regular life, especially during the summer. Nowadays, ceiling fan lights are getting much more popular. But many people don’t know how to maintain ceiling fan lights. If any issue occurs, they get worried. But the thing is that, if you try, the problem becomes solved easily. 

In addition, you need to be careful when wiring a ceiling fan light. Connecting the imperfect wire to your ceiling fan can lead to circuit breaker tripping, and the light gets burned out quickly. In addition, your ceiling fan can turn in the wrong direction if you connect the wrong wires to your ceiling fan.

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