Are Halo Lights Bright Enough (Explained)

Angel Eyes, commonly referred to as “halos,” are auxiliary lights that are added to or incorporated into the headlamp unit of a car to encircle the low-beam or high-beam lamp. They are only decorative lights or LEDs to be utilized as daytime running lights; these do not take the place of headlights or any other lighting fixtures.

Several people in the aftermarket industry coveted the distinctive aesthetic that was first created and debuted by BMW. As a result, there is now an abundance of lighting accessories that can be added to pre-existing headlights to get the same appearance. There are several varieties of angel eye parts available on the market that use various technologies to produce the “ring of light” look.

Are Halo Lights Bright Enough

Types of Halo Lights

Halo lights come in a variety of types:

Regular Halo Lights

Most manufacturers use standard halo rings that are lit through one or two incandescent lights, which create bright and dark patches inside the ring to provide the recognizable “angel eyes” look.

CCFL Halo Lights

The fluorescent cold cathode lighting tubes used in CCFL halo headlights are full of gas and thus burn cool, preventing hotspots and discoloration. Compared to traditional halo lights that are lit by incandescent lamps, these lights are brighter and clearer.

LED Halo Lights

LED halo lights make use of powerful LEDs. LED halo circles may alter the brighter colors on demand due to the peculiar properties of LED lights, which are constructed of layers of semiconductors and can produce light of various hues based on how these elements are chemically organized. Some colors are solely meant for off-road use since they don’t fulfill federal regulations and are thus not street-legal.

Halo Light: Are They Bright Enough?

The Halo lights are ideal if you want your car to have a stylish appearance. To be honest, these lights have an impressive 50,000-hour lifetime. The majority of firms employ one nice plug-and-play headlamp configuration that is waterproof and anti-flicker.

The Halo lights do not have enough brightness to serve as a substitute for your headlights. Most Halo light rings have a low-beam brightness of 3200 lumens and a high-beam brightness of roughly 4800 lumens. Its brightness is enough for light evening driving. On average, these lights have a 6000-kelvin color temperature.

A remote control for the RGB feature is available on several Halo lights. They become hip and trendy gadgets to have. Halo lights that can change color are a lot of fun to have and are ideal for making your statement while driving. Although the colors can make the brightness seem a little duller overall, the alteration is not too concerning.

Why Cars Should Have Halo Lights

BMW was the first to use the halo headlamp. It mostly serves aesthetic purposes. It provided the car with a unique appearance and increased brand awareness.

As Replacements for Headlights

The halo lights worked well as driving lights throughout the day and as nighttime bright lights for cities across Europe. For those unaware, headlights may occasionally be prohibited in European towns; in these instances, powerful halo lights can be used to make up the difference.

For Clear and Better Lighting

The initial halo lights were lighted by a halogen lamp that was connected to fiber optics for illumination. A cold cathode fluorescent halo light was employed after the fiber optic. LEDs that are brilliant white are the norm today.

For Vivid and Differents Colors

The ability to utilize any hue makes LEDs special. Red, yellow, and blue are not permitted on public streets but are OK off-road. In actuality, the two DOT-approved colors that are acceptable for the front of an automobile are white and amber.

For Other Purposes

Fog lights are generally the subject of a lot of misinformation. According to the notion, yellow fog lights should be employed since they disperse less than blue light does. That is untrue. However, in fog (Mie disperse), all hues scatter similarly, thus yellow does not assist. Blue light does disperse more with Raleigh bouncing under a clear sky.

In our view, the finest fog lamps maintain a beam below straight so that they solely light the road instead of the fog in front of your eyes. While your eyesight is more receptive to green over red and blue, the hue doesn’t matter.

Since they disperse far too much light just above horizontally, halo lighting is bad for fog. Halo lights, like brake lights and park lights, are designed to be seen rather than to light. They are not very effective in their function and were not designed to be headlamps.  Halo lights are a good illustration of form coming before function.

Halo Headlights Not Shine Well

The most frequent causes of insufficient headlight brightness are either a shortage of power in the circuits, the use of the incorrect size bulb, or corroded or faded headlight lenses.

The most frequent causes of insufficient headlight brightness are either a shortage of power in the circuit, the use of the incorrect size bulb, or corroded or faded headlight lenses. I would think that the incorrect bulbs were used if this happened soon away after the lights were changed. If they are accurate, I’d check the circuit to make sure the voltage is appropriate. If it’s okay, the headlamp’s lens could be broken. It would be necessary to check these items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Halo Lights—Are They Headlights?

Headlights with one built-in halo ring per assembly are referred to as halo headlights. The halos in this assembly are illuminated by LEDs, so long as a term like “CCFL” isn’t used thereafter. Two halo rings are present in each headlight assembly of dual halo headlights. One CCFL halo ring is included on each side of the CCFL halo headlights.

How Long Are Led Halo’s Good For?

CCFL halos have a manufacturer’s warranty and an anticipated lifespan of 50,000 hours of constant usage.

Are Halo Lights Good?

The halos’ main role is to serve as lights during the day. The curve that encircles the headlamp is just ornamental. They don’t help you see better, no.


The Halo light bulbs fit your headlight equipment like a charm. They are useful in many ways, such as a major source of lighting during the day and maybe as a stylish statement while you are driving your automobile at night. We hope that we have been able to help you, whether you are new and wish to put a Halo light in your car or someone who is perplexed by the lights.

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