How to Stop Radio Static from Fluorescent Lights (Steps Guide)

By emitting electromagnetic radiation, your Fluorescent lights can interfere with an FM radio. This process of emitting electromagnetic radiation is commonly known ad RFI or Radio Interference. However, some advanced fluorescent lights will not interfere with an FM radio. Unfortunately, all lights and fixtures do not have this standard. If your Fluorescent light causes objectionable amounts of static, it can be due to bad wiring or defective components. So, you must stop the radio static from your Fluorescent lights.

If you are not informed how to stop radio static from Fluorescent light, then don’t worry. You are at the right place. In this article, I will tell you how to stop this objectionable static from your light.

How to Stop Radio Static from Fluorescent Lights

What is The Best Way to Stop Radio Static from Fluorescent Lights?

If you want to stop the radio static from your lights, you must follow some simple steps. These steps are very practical, and you can be satisfied with them. However, first, you need to locate the exact source or sources of interference, and then you can stop this issue.

Step 1. Turn on your radio and tune it to the station where this interference seems powerful.

Step 2. Then you need to turn off the lamps near your radio.

Step 3. You must turn each of the lamps on and off. Remember that you have to note which lamps seem to cause the interference.

Step 4. Install snap-on ferrite chokes near your plug-end of each interference.

Step 5. Install a choke on the power cord of your radio as well. The chokes will dampen any noise being fed into the line from your fluorescent light. Besides, the chokes also can dampen any noise being fed into the radio from the line.

Step 6. Now, you need to adjust the position of the lamps.

Step 7. Then set your radio with the radio on. If you figure out a position that produces less interference, you must leave the radio or lamp. Moreover, move the radio and lamps to separate the electrical circuit. By throwing your switches in the circuit breaker box of your home, you can see which ones are deactivated. So, by observing which ones are deactivated, it is possible to determine which outlets are on a given circuit. So, you can stop the radio static from your Fluorescent lights.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Why Should I Not Use Fluorescent Lights?

You should not use Fluorescent lights because it contains toxic materials. The phosphorus and mercury inside Fluorescent lights are dangerous. If you break a Fluorescent light, it can release a small amount of toxic mercury as a gas. Then it will contaminate the gas in the surrounding environment.

How Can I Block Radio Interference?

You can block radio interference by proper grounding. Because proper grounding can conduct away the RF noise instead of being emitted as radiation. You can also stop radio frequency interference in the electronic circuit by filtering and shielding.

What Frequency is a Fluorescent Bulb?

Fluorescent bulbs are very popular in the market. However, the standard Fluorescent bulb operates at a frequency of around 50 to 60Hz. Besides, a high-frequency bulb boosts that to 30 kHz.


Many reasons cause radio static interference. Even the equipment of your home can cause this interference. Electric drills, light switches, hair dryers, doorbell transformers, smartphone chargers, sewing machines, and clothes dryers can cause radio static interference. Besides, power supplies, washing machines, garage door openers, computing devices, and LED lights also can cause this issue. Moreover, Fluorescent lights are the most common factor that causes static radio interference.

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