Led License Plate Lights Flickering

Most of today’s trucks, cars, and SUVs have multiple monitoring devices, sensors, and computers to give information to the drivers if any potential issue exists. But unfortunately, this technology isn’t included in the LED license plate light. According to the legislation of all US states, it is essential to have a LED license plate that can efficiently illuminate at night. This duty can fall on your license plate light, is located above your LED plate frame, and illuminates downward.

It is a common problem for a vehicle to get license plate flickering. Sometimes your light plate gets foggy and can’t produce light. A license plate light generally turns on while you activate your headlights, including your parking lights or the main headlights.

Led License Plate Lights Flickering

Why Are Your Led License Plate Lights Flickering?

However, if you notice that your license plate is displaying behind the car you’re driving, there is definitely an issue with the LED license plate light. Furthermore, you must be attentive to the issue before the police can find it. Moreover, like the parking lights and rear brake lights, there are various things you can do to visually inspect your license plate light before driving at night. This inspection can save you from receiving a traffic infraction ticket

Moreover, your license plate light is solid and stays off or on. But sometimes, in many cases, your license plate light can flicker. The common reason behind the issue is a lost connection or wire that powers your LED license plate light. 

Moreover, this symptom can be dangerous because flickering the LED license plate light can distract other vehicles on the same road. If you want to get rid of the problem, you can complete a walk around once per week before starting driving at night. So, turn on your headlights and walk around to the rear of the car to ensure your license plate can be solidly illuminated. 

But if you see the license plate light flickering, immediately contact an expert or a local mechanic to diagnose the problem and fix it as soon as possible. However, remember that if the warning signs you can get, again and again, you need to replace your LED license plate rapidly with the help of a mechanic. 

How to Fix LED License Plate Lights Flickering of a Mercedes?

It is very common if you have a Mercedes and face an issue with the LED license plate light. Since it is a crucial problem to have LED license plate lights flickering, you need to immediately fix the problem. 

Step 1: Determine Which Is Flickering

You must determine first if all lights are flickering or if just one or two lights are flickering. If only one light is flickering, you need to immediately replace it. But if all of your LED license plate lights are flickering then you must move to step two. 

Step 2: Bypass Your Dimmer Switch

Now, turn off the power and take the two wires off the dimmer switch. After that, you need to connect them together with a wire nut. Now, turn the power back on. But if still the lights are flickering, you must replace them. But if they are not flickering, you just replace the dimmer switch. 

I’m providing you a video link so that you can rapidly understand the method to fix the issue. However, I hope you can fix your LED license plate lights flickering with the video. But you can also get help from a technician if you require it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can My Number Plate Light Be too Bright?

In general, there is no restriction to the intensity of the lights or the wattage you can use in the lights. But you should not use fog lights because it is excessive and can make other drivers on your road. Moreover, use small number plate lights to light up your number plate.

Why Is My LED Light Dimming?

You can trace your LED lights dimming in almost every instance to a non-compatible dimmer switch in your lighting circuit. Nowadays, modern dimmer switches make the dimming effect by switching the power supply on and off various times per second. 

Why Is My Power LED Flickering?

LED strip light can flicker due to fluctuations in voltage. Moreover, all electrical appliance, such as strip light, requires a constant voltage supply to work smoothly. So, when the voltage drops, the whole length of the strip will flicker. Again, the brightness of the LED strip lights can decrease. 

Are My Number Plate Lights Universal?

No, your number plate lights are not universal. You must remember that different vehicles use different fittings and light sizes. You can consult experts to choose the appropriate license plate for your vehicle. 

Can I Drive with Only One Number Plate?

All the vehicles on the road must display registrations at both the rear and front sides. Again, remember that you need to use white on the number plate at the front side of your vehicle, and with the index marks, use black. Again, use black numbers and letters on the rear side with a yellow plate.


However, you need to know that it is not allowed to use any colored lights on your vehicles because there are some restrictions. Moreover, you can’t use blue, red, and green lights on your vehicles because these colored lights may confuse others and seem like emergency vehicles. So, making these lights visible from the front of the vehicle is prohibited. In addition, flashing lights are strictly prohibited on a vehicle.  

Again, you should always drive with your number plate light; otherwise, you will be punished by the police. Moreover, remember that if you use incorrect colors on the number plate, you must also pay a fine. Besides, there are many standard colors for the front and background of your car. So, you can use the rear in yellow and the front in white. Again, you should use the characters in black. 

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