Are Halogen Flood Lights Dimmable [Explained]

The floodlights help to light up a large area, that’s why it produces a bright light. This lightweight and small light has enough power to light up a big warehouse at a low cost. But you don’t need bright light all the time, so the thought of dimming the light might have come to your mind. Also, by dimming the light you can save energy and cost.

Are Halogen Flood Lights Dimmable

Are Halogen Flood Lights Dimmable

In the case of dimming other bulbs, you need to set a dimmer and you’re good to dim the light whenever you want. Now there are two types of halogen bulbs, xenon, and krypton. So, the question can come to your mind Are the halogen bulbs are same as normal bulbs? Or do they function in the same way?

To answer that, no halogen bulbs aren’t the same as normal bulbs but yes, they function the same as an incandescent bulb. Thus, halogen flood lights are dimmable but you have to add a dimmer to its connection system.

How To Make Halogen Flood Lights Dimmable

No matter your flood light is LED or not it can be overheated from the constant use of it. But to avoid the problem of overheating a dimmer can help you. Because a dimmer dims light by reducing the voltage flow of the fixture. This helps the bulb to produce less heat and light and makes the bulb long living.

Hence there are many benefits of using a dimmer. But there are two types of dimmer, trailing edge and leading edge. The first one works for LED lights yet traditional incandescent and halogen lights work best with leading-edge dimmers. You’ll also need a boost converter for this project.

Now, you’ve to disassemble all the parts of the halogen flood light and connect the wires with the dimmer and converter. If you have an LED flood light you can remove the LED wire to attach a leading-edge dimmer to it. Or else, you have to get the trailing edge dimmer. If your flood light is an LED and you’re using a trailing edge dimmer then you won’t need a boost converter.

Tough in the case of regular bulbs like halogen and incandescent you need to use a leading-edge dimmer and converter. The dimmer will reduce the voltage flow to the fixture and the boost converter will help to convert and boost the wattage to have the amps.

After disassembling the fixture connect the wires with the dimmer and converter. They should fit inside the fixture. Now you need to assemble them all and securely close the fixture. Next, mount the flood light and light it up. Then you’re good to go and dim the light as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Halogen Flood Lights Dimmable?

Flood lights are built to light up a large area or else their operating system and function are the same as any traditional bulb. So just like traditional bulbs are dimmable halogen bulbs are dimmable too. No matter if it’s made of xenon or krypton.

Do I Need A special Dimmer For Halogen Lights?

There are two main types of dimmer available in the market. You can find other dimmers but they are sub-types of the mains. The main dimmers are the leading edge dimmer and trailing edge dimmer. The first one works for all kinds of bulbs but the second one only serves the LEDs.

Are Flood Lights Dimmable?

Not all flood lights are dimmable. It depends on the production of the fixture and whether it’s dimmable or not. And as it’s an inbuilt thing you can’t change it. Yet, it’s better to buy dimmable fixtures by checking their packaging beforehand. Although if you don’t want a dimmable light bulb then it’s okay.

Are 12 Volt Halogen Lights Dimmable?

Yes, the 12-volt halogen light can be dimmed if you can get the right transformer. Select a transformer with 12V and less than 12 amps. Then use a conventional dimmer.


Using a dimmer not only gives you control over the brightness of the light but also saves costs. It reduces power usage and saves from overheating the bulb. Thus both the fixture and bulb have a long life. That’s why you can have so many benefits from dimming a halogen flood light.

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