How To Sync LED Lights To TV? Need of the Day

For your living room or drawing room decoration you can put LED lights behind or put LED strips to decorate your TV. LED lights add an extra touch to your decoration. For that, you need to sync your LED lights with your tv. You can use RGB LED lights for more options. Because, then you will have more colors to play with. But one of the most important parts of it is syncing the LED lights with your tv. Firstly you have to decide where you want to place your LEDs.

How To Sync LED Lights To TV

How To Sync LED Lights To TV – Placing The LED Lights

Most people place their LED strips behind their tv. Placing LED strips behind your tv can give you an amazing backlit view. This is most preferable because it makes your tv look good and the lights come from behind so there is not any compromise in the viewing angle of the tv. It will help to give a more realistic feel. You can have a nice experience while watching your favorite movie, tv shows, sports, etc. . This is why placing LED lights behind the tv can give you a nice experience. 

How Do You Sync LED Strip Lights To TV?

You can just place the lights behind your tv and light it up. But it will not just show you color or something that is not synced with the device. So, to have a better watching experience you have to sync your LED lights with your tv or the device you want. Most of the LED lights connect to a music source and sync with audio playback. You can do that using the following steps.

  1. If you have a smart light and your tv connected with your pc. You can download the RGB light software or the software that is recommended for that light and you can sync that with your device.
  2. Most LED light strips use a digital device from which you can connect them to your tv or local device. You can control it with a remote or you can simply connect it to your tv and turn on sync from the app provided.
  3. You can connect through HDMI inputs. Set up the bridge and the sync box. Confirm the light of syncing

This is how you can sync your LED light strips. 

What Are The Lights That Sync With Your TV?

You can use any LED light strips and connect them with the local controlling device to sync it with the tv. Most of them sync with music but you can also find the smart ones. Like the Philips hue HDMI sync box. It reads the incoming signal from the tv or the gaming console and it can sync according to the system. The light changes with whatever is playing on your screen. It matches the color-changing lights. It lights up the wall behind the tv and it gives a good experience.

How Can I Get LED Lights To Match My TV?

Maximum LED strips or lights have RGB now. So you can buy a strip matching the size of your tv. It depends on your tv size and how many LED strips you need. After measuring the size of your tv, buy the amount which is necessary to match the background. LED strips have glue that is very strong. Stick the strips behind your tv and connect it with the necessary device then you are good to go.

How Do LED Lights Sync With Sound?

Most of the LED devices sync with the music. Following the steps below will help you to sync your LED lights with sound. 

Plug your LED into the multiplug or the multiplug adapter. It will power up and then you have to turn the light strips off and turn them back on. Plug the audio input device like your laptop, mobile, or tv. Make sure both are connected to the same adapter or multiplug. This is how you can sync your LED light strips with sound.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do LED Strips Make Sound?

The answer is no, the LED light strips do not produce any kind of sound. It lacks the moving part of a sound system so it does not make or produce any kind of sound. However, it can sync with the sound.

Does Syncing LED Stripes With Sound or Tv Burn The Lights Out?

No, if the lights are connected properly and have a good ventilation system they will not burn out. Syncing is just dimming and lighting it again and again while changing color according to the input device.


Syncing LED light with tv helps to light up the back wall of the tv. It creates a good environment.

It improves your watching experience by improving color, contrast, power consumption, black levels, and other features. It also reduces your eye strain which is helpful for a long period of time. Syncing is more impactful when it is connected to sound devices. So, you can sync your LED strip lights with your device for a better experience.

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