What Is A 40 Watt Type B Bulb? Different in Shapes and Colour

B-type bulbs are known as candelabra bulbs. B type is the brief form of ‘Bullet tip bulb’ named because of its shape, these types of bulbs are used for decoration purposes. These types of bulbs are similar to the c-type bulb but different in their shapes.

What Is A 40 Watt Type B Bulb

What Is A 40 Watt Type B Bulb – How Type B Bulb Is?

B Bulb is different from each other because of their bullet tips. But A B-bulb can be an incandescent or LED bulb, though they serve the same purpose of decoration even if the light emits, and creates the same display, there are some manufactural differences between incandescent and LED bulbs.

A Blunt tip(b) bulb is used in a chandelier, pendant lights, night lights, decorative light strands, holiday light strands and other decorative features like wall scone. Mainly these types of bulbs are used for decoration only. The base plates of this type of bulb are quite different from the normal bulbs, mainly E12 base plate is used in B-type bulbs.

40 Watt Type B Bulb

There’s a massive difference between a 40-watt type LED B bulb and A 40-watt type Incandescent because of the power usage. LED bulbs use less power, they emit more light than incandescent bulbs of the same wattage. Compared to incandescent bulbs, LEDs are more energy-efficient.

Nowadays, LED bulbs are more used than incandescent. So a 40-watt type LED B bulb can emit more light than 40-watt type Incandescent B bulb. Though a LED type B-bulb which is equivalent to a 40-watt type B bulb,uses not more than 10 wattages. B-type LED bulb will surely outlast 40 wattages B-type incandescent bulb.

A 40-watt type B bulb is quite famous for decoration because it give a claiming outlook. It forges a dimming light which soothes the eyesight and creates a cozy environment.

E12 base of B Bulb

Usually, the B bulb has a candelabra E 12 base. Because these bulbs are manufactured as Candelabra Edison Screw design. Moreover,for the number 12, it helps the customer to determine the diameter of the base. It means the B bulb has a 12 mm Diameter base which can only fit into a 12 mm diameter socket.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Is a Type B Bulb?

Type B bulbs are smaller in size compared to other bulbs. These are bullet or flamed-shaped bulbs considering the decorative piece to consume less wattage. These are very narrow in shape and the base plate is also very thin. A B-type bulb is not longer than 5 inches. The assembled product weight can be less than .5 Ibs. Considering the height and weight of the product, A B-bulb is the size of a hummingbird.

What Is The Difference Between Type A And B Bulb?

The main difference between Type A and B Bulbs is their type of usage in the household. A-type bulbs are used for Bedroom lamps, Light fixtures from which we get a comprehensible light for a vivid view of the household when the daylight is gone. Whereas B-type bulbs are used for only decoration sense to illuminate a dimmed and brittle light. An A-type bulb is 3x times bigger in diameter than a B-type bulb. An A-type of bulb has an E 27 base plate, as the number determines the diameter. On the other hand, B-type bulbs have only 12-diameter base plates.

Are Type B and A Bulb Interchangeable?

No. Incandescent bulbs are classified using alphabetic order, because of their different household purpose. An A-type bulbs is used as the big light of the house, it emits sharpe light for a clearer view. These types of lights are mainly used for Lamps. But B-types of bulbs are used in candelabra for decoration. These two bulbs are not interchangeable as they both serve different purposes, also the size is different. A-type bulbs are bigger than B-types, even the Diameter of the baseplate is also bigger than A-type bulbs.


Bulbs type is dependent on its shape and wattage. A 40-watt B-type bulb emits dimmer and soft white light as it doesn’t brighten the room but these little bulbs in a candelabra can change the whole environment and set an intricate mood. As this bulb consumes less wattage, these can be used in daylight as well. Nowadays, you can find LED equivalent to B type bulb, which consumes 1.5 wattages and lasts longer than an incandescent 40-watt B-type bulb.

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