Can 12V LED Run On 5V? YES!

We all know that LED lights are energy-saving, but there are many more advantages of using LED strip lights. The lights are also customizable, less heat-generating, and long-lasting. The fact that it’s customizable is very beneficial. Because you can customize both the input and output of the bulb. Here input means the power supply system and output means the lighting’s color, time, etc.

However, there are two types of LED stripes, 12V, and 24V. Between those, 12V is more used because it’s more convenient. For both of the bulbs, you’ll need an equivalent DC power supply. This means for a 12V LED you have to get a 12V DC and for a 24V LED you have to get a 24V DC supply. Though is the power supply changeable?

Can 12V LED Run On 5V 

Can 12V LED Run On 5V

A 12V LED strip bulb requires a 12V DC power supply. So can a 5V power supply be enough for that? To answer that, yes 5V will be enough to run a 12V LED. Because the required power supply for a LED is changeable. But you can’t use more power than required. As more power supply can overdrive and burn out the bulb.

Therefore, to be safe you should use a voltage level lower than recommended. This indicates you can use a 5V DC to run a 12V LED without stress. But what if using a lower voltage source causes an underdrive? There is not much information available about this and you can know only from those who have practically done this.

How To Run 12V LED On 5V

If you connect a 5V power source to a 12V device directly then it can be risky. The device can burn out because of underdriven power. That’s why you have to get a converter. You need to connect a boost converter between the 12V LED and the lower voltage power source. The boost converter will convert and boost the low-power supply as needed but with the same amps.

Therefore if you want to run your LED light on a lower voltage than recommended, connecting a boost converter is a must. This way you’ll be completely safe.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can You Power 12V With 5V?

You can’t power a 12V with 5V unless you connect them with a converter. A converter needs to be wired in between them to power and run the 12V device.

Can LEDs Run 5V?

5V voltage is the best and safest option for LEDs. Because a 5V or lower voltage reduces the chance of electric shocks, short circuits, and burnouts. But you should use a boost converter to avoid underdrive.

Will A 12V LED Run On 6V?

No, a 12V LED won’t run on 6V. Instead, if you try to run 12V LEDs on a 6V power supply the light will draw too many amps and overheat. This can damage the light bulb so don’t use 6V on LEDs.

What Happens If You Put Too Little Voltage Through An LED?

Using fewer volts than recommended on an LED increases its lifetime and saves energy. But what if you put too less volts? It won’t hamper the bulb but it also won’t be able to function. As the lights of the bulb will be too dim or the bulb won’t be able to light up without the necessary power. For this, don’t put too few volts on the LED to get proper service.


Though it’s good to run LEDs on a lower volt, there is a limit. For example, on a 12V light bulb, you can use a 12 to 7-voltage power supply but not less than 5V. Again, you can’t use a 6v because it can damage the system. Moreover, if you supply a voltage of less than 5V then the bulb won’t be able to provide the service it’s supposed to. Thus the great and secure power source is a 5V DC.

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