How To Put Lights On Go Kart Without Battery? Necessary Steps One by One

Go-Kart is a type of four-wheel car, which has no shed and is used for racing or vacation outings. Go-Kart has an engine that produces power from the battery, It’s an amazing and affordable alternative to a motorized vehicle. Go-Kart is environmentally friendly and more energy efficient. Though it can be used for long drives and races. All go-Karts are equipped with headlights and tail lights to get permission of driving to the track, which has the power supply from the initial battery. But you can still light up your go-Kart to put lights on the race track without using power from any other battery source.

How To Put Lights On Go Cart Without Battery

How To Put Lights On Go Kart Without Battery – Adding Lights

There are several methods of adding light to your go-Kart without using a different battery instead use only the power battery. You can manufacture your Kartlight to use only when you need it, that way you can save a lot of energy and you don’t need to get the battery out for charging. There are some tools and materials you need before starting:

  • Measuring Tape
  • Scissors
  • Wire Cutter
  • Wire
  • Heat Shrink Tube

How to Put Lights On a Go-Kart?

If I try to put it simply, what is need to be done is to connect the light with a switch and attach each end of the light to the battery.

  1. First, you need to screw the headlight to the mounting bracket. Though in most go-Kart you won’t find any mounting bracket, so you need a mounting hook and screws to install the headlight.
  2. Next, connect a switch with any end of the wire, it won’t matter to which end you install the button because the switch will only complete the electrical circuit when you turn it on.
  3. After that, use an adapter and connect each diode. First, connect the cathode to the positive side of the battery and the anode to the other. Be careful while connecting the adapter, because if you make any mistake, the headlight won’t work.
  4. Now attach the other ends of the adapter to the wires of the headlight. Make sure no plug is touching each other.
  5. Before finishing off insulate every exposed wiring to avoid any accidents. make sure no wire is bare and connected without insulation. this could damage the wiring while any electric flow happens.

Connecting Wires

When you are joining two wires, you need to connect the copper inside the insulated wire to get a simultaneous flow of current.

  • Gently cut each end of the wire to expose the copper, make sure to only cut the insulation at least 2 inches.
  • Then take the two ends together and twist them so each copper gets connected, don’t miss any copper strands that could hamper the whole joining.
  • lastly, put on black tape on the bare copper to avoid any circuit loss or damage.

How Do I Hook up a Go-Kart Battery? 

When you use a go-Kart battery, it’s always necessary to charge up the battery after every race, so battery health remains fine. So check the electro-light water of the battery and charge it fully, before hooking it up to the go-Kart.

Usually, batteries are negative-grounded, so before starting place the battery on the go-Kart and position it nicely, so it won’t fall. Next, put on the red terminal of the Kart to the positive side of the battery and screw it up using a screwdriver. Make the wire tightly screwed on the battery nice and tight, or else the go-Kart won’t start. Now put on the negative side with bolt and cable insert to the battery then tighten it up using a screw. After securely screwing up the battery with the go-Kart wires. Put on the battery to its bracket, and now your go-Kart is hooked up and ready to drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I light a dirt bike without a battery?

There’s no need to attach a headlight or tail light to a dirt bike because these bikes are mainly used for competitions and help in the sunlight. but if you want to drive on the road you need to have the head and tail right on your bike according to the traffic law. 

To put on the battery on your dirt bike, you need to know the basic wiring of your bike. you need to grab the green wire from the ignition pulse generator and the positive wire from the Throttle position sensor. To get them by color, pick up the black and blue wire. cut the wire cover of your headlights and tail lights. Then wire them to a 5-volt line and put them all together on your bike’s ICM from where all the power of your bike produce. That’s how you connect lights to the dirt bike without a battery.

Is it ok to use LED light on the Go-Kartbattery?

It is suggested to use LED light on your go-Kart battery. because these LED lights consume low wattage and light up in no time. As there’s only battery and wiring to the go-Kart battery it’s safe to not use anything including light that can ignite the wires or battery. Incandescent bulbs are quite not fit for a go-Kart battery, as they use heat to ignite and more wattage. So LED is the only best option for your go-Kart.


You can put on lights in the go-Kart with or without batteries. Because the initial battery can be used as an alternative for the light ordnance. But you can’t run your go-Kart without a battery, as it’s operated using a 12-volt battery. If the battery is dead, the go-Kart won’t function. But you can rejuvenate your battery by pouring some electro light or distilled water into the battery. To keep the lifespan of the car. For a fast-running Go-Kart, you must check on the battery’s health.

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