Can A Bad Light Bulb Trip a Breaker

Lights are an important factor in any household. there are many types of bulbs used in houses, though people are more interested in LED bulbs nowadays. Still, many households which have old wiring use incandescent bulbs. an incandescent bulb can trip breakers causing several problems which make the bulb out of order.

Can A Bad Light Bulb Trip a Breaker

Glare Process of Incandescent bulb 

Incandescent bulbs are classic bulbs. This type of bulb has a thin filament inside them which illuminates using the heat of the filament. when the heat that produces by electric flow inside the filament, reaches a point, the energy of heat transfers into light and illuminates. The metal wire of the bulb is surrounded by translucent glass which is filled with gas or evacuated. 

Tripping A Breaker

Filamented bulbs are dangerous for their power supplement theory. These bulbs create light using heat from electricity. So, If any part of the incandescent bulb is not as fit as the fiddle, it can cause an accident, and the bulb can blast or blow out.

To avoid fatal damage, breakers are used so that if the electricity flows more than the circuit needs, it automatically cuts the power supply by tripping the breaker off.

Furthermore, LED bulbs can also trip a breaker, which is a rare case. If the baseplate doesn’t fit the socket, you have installed it somehow.

Can a Faulty Light Bulb Trip a Breaker?

Yes, a faulty bulb can trip a breaker. If any part of the bulb is broken, then it can cause the tripping of the breaker. Some causes of bulb tripping are traced below:

  1. Incandescent bulbs which have been in use for several years can cause trip a breaker. Because the filament inside the bulbs becomes thinner over time. While passing heat through and when it reaches the limit, the filament breaks which causes the trip of the breaker
  2. If the translucent glass of the bulb is broken or damaged. It can cause a short circuit because the bulb won’t be able to heat up in the maximum power supply and can cause a trip to a breaker.
  3. If the electric supply is more than the bulb wattage. An incandescent bulb requires more wattage than any other electrical equipment. Unless the bulb’s wattage is higher than the socket, it will be more heated and trip. So it’s better to use an incandescent light of the same or lesser wattage than the socket or transmitter.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why does a blown bulb Trip a Breaker?

Incandescent light bulbs are designed to create light with an amount of electricity and heat. Suppose, the electricity flows through a blown bulb, it can cause a trip to a breaker. Because then the bulb will get excessively heated which is dangerous. It might cause a fire. Check the bulb before installing, if the filament is exposed or broken, that means the bulb is already blown out and it’s better to throw it away.

Can a led light bulb cause a short circuit?

Yes, Modern light bulbs like LEDs can be turned out faulty. Sometimes a faulty manufacturer can cause tripping the breaker. If the LED bulb flickers too much, it can cause a short circuit in no time. Because the electricity will not pass as it requires.

If you use a bulb that consumes more wattage than the base plate supply. The main reason for tripping the breaker of an LED bulb can be an overload on the transmitter. As we know LED light consumes less wattage than any other bulb. But the overall electric equipment might be too much wattage to handle. So, when a LED bulb is inaugurated, it becomes overloaded and causes a short circuit.

Why does a short circuit occur?

A short circuit occurs when the current gets a bypass to pass wildly. It’s like a hole at the end of a water pipe. Current always flows through the easiest path. So, it always chooses a path that is concocted without any resistance.

As a result, it rushes on that path, causing a short circuit. Furthermore, it prevents other appliances from being damaged by sudden electric flow when the breaker trips. Not only does tripping the breaker save the appliances, but it also prevents the house from burning down.

Do other appliances cause trip a breaker?

Appliances like television, refrigerator, and ceiling-fan don’t cause short circuit, because these types of equipment have built-in stabilizer which controls the frenzied flow of electricity through these appliances. Almost every time circuit breaks because of bulbs.


There are some other reasons which can make a bulb blow, as it can be blown by water damage, unravel wiring, bad connections, or faulty transformers. Even a loose circuit can cause a trip to a breaker. Incandescent bulbs are made of Edison base. These base plates are different from each other and fit in the socket required for the bulb. A flexible socket or base can cause a short circuit as well.

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